Volunteers needed for the 2014 Axios Euro Cup

We are currently recruiting for volunteers to assist at the 2014 Axios Euro Cup to be held on the 4th of October in London at the London Irish Rugby Club in Hazelwood TW16 6QU.  There will be more than 20 mens and womens teams from across Europe competing for the cup. The first bounce will be at 9 am and the finals matches will be played from 1pm. It is a huge day of Australian rules football in London and a fantastic day out.

To ensure the day runs smoothly we require assistance in a broad range of areas including:

  • Match supervisors (time keeping/ scoring, liaising with umpires)
  • Pitch managers
  • Match Commentator
  • All rounder (Set up/ pack down, raffle sellers, directions, information, liaising with team managers)
  • Merchandise sales
  • Photographers
  • Massage/ physio


All volunteers will get a free staff t-shirt and lunch on the day as well as an invitation to the evening function.  There will also be a wristband provided for the after party including entry and discounted food and drinks.

Please share this around your networks! For more information or to register your interest please email Tia at tia.bool@afleurope.org

2014 Axios Euro Cup

With the 2014 International Cup over for another year we welcome home all European teams and congratulate them on a great campaign.

In just over a month more than 20 men’s and women’s teams from around Europe will converge in London for the 2014 Axios Euro Cup. On the 4th of October Aussie Rules Football will take over the London Irish Rugby Club for an all day competition.

There will be a post match function at London Irish Rugby Club to congratulate all participants and announce the 2014 Axios Euro Cup Champions.

London Irish Rugby Club 

Hazelwood Centre TW16 6QU

10 minutes walk from Sunbury upon Thames train station

The entry will be free and no dogs or glass is allowed.

The Official Axios Euro Cup After Party will be held at Belushi’s London Bridge SE1 1HR from 10pm- 3am. Here we will be announcing the Team of the Tournament.

Participating countries and game times will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks. For all competitors please note Eventbrite registrations will be set up soon so please stay tuned.

Players who haven’t received the Axios Euro Cup handbook yet please get in touch with us: gaelle.hazimeh@afleurope.org

photo 1 London Irish Rugby Club photo 3 photo

 Pictures: London Irish Rugby Club facilities

Ireland v PNG Mens Grand Final – IC14

Picture: AFL Media

Ireland and Papua New Guinea stood facing each other on the MCG, Australia’s most iconic sports stadium and the home of AFL, minutes before the bounce of the most important match of any of the players’ careers.

The tension in the air could be sliced with a butter knife as both teams received the final motivational speech from their respective coaches and ran onto the ground for what had been hailed as the most evenly matched grand final in International Cup history.

The booming MCG siren sounded and the match was underway. In the early minutes of the game, the ball was up one teams end as much as the others as both team’s defence stood up and effectively rebounded the ball.

Ireland drew first blood at the nine minute mark with Mick Finn kicking the first goal. He followed this with the second goal of the match at the twelve minute mark, and then the third at sixteen minutes.

The ascendency seemed to be entirely with Ireland until John Ikupu wove his way through traffic, appearing to have the ball on a string, and drove a long pass into the hands of Jeconiah Peni seconds before the siren sounded.

A thumping kick from the 50 metre arch brought PNG back into the contest as the ball sailed over the umpires head for a goal.

The contest was fierce from the get go in the second term with all the play taking place in PNG’s scoring half. The Irish defence did all they could but PNG were looking the more likely to score.

Mick Finn was moved to full back in an attempt to stem the flow late in the quarter and took a few strong marks on the last line of defence. After an amazing first half showcasing skills worthy of a game on the MCG, Ireland were leaders by less than a goal.

It appeared from the start of the third quarter that there was a definite scoring end and as both teams had taken advantage of it in previous quarters, Ireland was again gaining the momentum as they kicked towards it.

John O’Regan opened proceedings with a sneak goal after playing on quickly following his mark in the goal square.

The size of the Irish forwards, particularly Padraig Lucey, was proving to be troublesome for the undersized PNG defenders. Their kicking let them down however as several shots at goal went through for a point or out of bounds on the full. PNG made them pay when a rare entry into their forward line landed the ball in the hands of Emmanuel Tupia who snapped a miracle goal over his shoulder.

PNG surged forward in the second half of the third quarter, again showing that they could match it with the reigning champions. A final shot after the siren for PNG registered no score and Ireland held on to a three point lead heading into the last quarter of the International Cup.

With the growing crowd now on the edge of their seats, the final quarter got under way. Jeconiah Peni kicked the first goal putting PNG ahead for the first time in the match. All the momentum seemed to be with the ‘Mozzies’ as they were referred to by the crowd.

Mick Finn steadied the ship straight away with a strong pack mark and his fourth goal to put the Europeans back in front but the momentum and the crowd remained on PNG’s side.

The ball was rebounded out of PNG’s forward line on numerous occasions but rarely entered Ireland’s forward fifty. When it did, the height of the Irish forwards remained to be PNG’s major challenge whilst the Irish just didn’t make them pay on the scoreboard.

The high flying Ferdinand Musi took the mark of the tournament thirteen minutes into the final quarter and followed up with a goal to put his team three points ahead again.

Brendan Beno kicked the Mozzies further ahead after being awarded a free kick for a push in the back right on the last line of defence.

With only minutes left in the game, Padraig Lucey marked and goaled, his first for the match after many attempts but it was all too little too late for the Irish as they went down to PNG 6.9.45 to 6.6.42.

PNG: 1.2 3.4 3.8 6.9 (45)

Ireland: 3.2 3.4 4.5 6.6 (42)


PNG: Beno 2, Ikupu, Gideon, So-ong, Agita

Ireland: Finn 4, Henry, Lucey


PNG: Ikupu, Beno, Simon, Guvuri, Peni

Ireland: Finn, Farrell, P. O’Halloran, O’Regan, Bartley


Women’s final

Canada Northern Lights: 0.1 1.7 3.8 5.8 (38)

Ireland: 0.0 0.0 1.0 2.0 (12)


Canada Northern Lights: Heil 2, Bodashefski 2, Legault

Ireland: Corrigan, Keatley


Canada Northern Lights: Legault, Heil, Perry, Dickenson, Annicchiarico, Robertson

Ireland: Kelly, Behan, McKay, McCann, Corrigan, Hazley


IC14 final rankings


1. Papua New Guinea

2. Ireland

3. New Zealnd

4. South Africa

5. Canada

6. Tonga

7. Nauru

8. USA

9. Great Britain

10. Fiji

11. France

12. Pakistan

13. Sweden

14. Japan

15. Finland

16. Indonesia

17. China

18. India


1. Canada Northern lights

2. Ireland

3. USA Freedom

4. Canada Midnight Suns

5. Fiji

6. Tonga

7. USA Liberty

Super competition winners announced

It is our honour to announce the winners of the 2014 Royal Brunei/STA Travel super competition by AFL Europe.

Again, thank you to the communities who supported the competition and european footy by buying and selling tickets. Over the past four months club members from Ireland, Great Britain, France and Sweden sold tickets. The money raised assisted representative teams to travel to Australia for the International Cup and also for their individual clubs and leagues to continue to grow. Clubs who participated will also use funds raised to assist their 2014 Axios Euro Cup preparations.

AFL Europe and all the country members affiliated would like to thank Royal Brunei, STA Travel and Topdeck for their support in the supply of our fantastic prizes.

The winners are: 

1st prize: 1- week trip to Australia for 2 people to see the Toyota AFL Grand final: Ticket number 0008 Elliott M

2nd prize: Topdeck 7- day adventure in Egypt for 2: Ticket number 5493 Paul Brogan 

3rd prize: 10 AFL Europe KB Sherrins: Ticket number 1139 Shane Fitzpatrick

4th prize: Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin signed Sherrin: Ticket number 5341 Dave Finn

5th prize: Harry O’Brien signed Collingwood jumper: Ticket number 3001 Kay Wilson

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone who was involved. We will contact all winners on the phone number provided on the ticket.

AFL Europe would like to take this opportunity to announce our next annual event: the Axios Euro Cup to be held in London on the 4th of October at the London Irish rugby club facilities. It is promised to be the biggest Euro Cup so far with a number of new teams competing.

Please check the website for terms and conditions.

Video of draw available here

raffle prizes

IC14 Men’s Play-off results

Division 1 play-off matches


Great Britain: 1.4 1.6 5.6 5.7 (37)

Fiji: 0.2 2.3 2.4 2.7


Great Britain: Rymer, Harmeston, Matias, Saunders, Willand

Fiji: Cati, Wolfgramm


Great Britain: Worthington, Ryland, Matias, Patel, Walton, Micthell

Fiji: Valetiri, Raida, Vavuso, Naco, Valesu, Vateiltei


Pakistan: 1.2 1.2 1.2 22 (14)

France: 2.2 7.4 10.8 13.10 (88)


Pakistan: Hussein, Rehman

France: Tiefenbach 3, Mondin 2, Patacq , Depondt, Picard,, L’Hotellier, Martinez, Vidal, Rosado


Pakistan: Qureshi, Mehdi, Quereshi, Rhan, Malik, Mashwani

France: Patacq, Picard, Schieber, Alliot-Marty, Coste, Denerf

Final Division 1 Standings

5. Canada

6. Tonga

7. Nauru

8. USA

9. Great Britain

10. Fiji

11. France

12. Pakistan


Division 2:

Sweden: 2.4 6.8 8.9 10.14 (74)

China: 1.0 2.0 3.2 4.2 (26)


Sweden: Svenson 3, Brennmo 2, Koinberg, Martensoon, Gogu, Tellstrom, Lindgren

China: J Qui 2, Jiaming Pi, Q. Lin


Sweden: Martensson, Svennsoon, Koinburg, Tellstrom, Magnusson, Nilsson

China: Z. Zhang, Enda Yu, M. Deng, J. Qui, M. Yang, Y. Zhuang

Japan: 4.7 6.11 8.17 12 19 (91)

Finland: 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 (6)


Japan: Oura 2, Tanabe 2, Kuno 2, Nakamura, Takasaki, Yoshida, Tsuneto, Tanaka, Akira

Finland: Puntila


Japan: Tanabe, Kuno, Nakamura, Sato, Kai, Sakaki

Finland: Lofbacka, Parviainen, Karlsson, Romar, Puntilla, Wuristo


Final Division 2 Standings

13. Sweden

14. Japan

15. Finland

16. China

17. Indonesia

18. India


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Two weeks with the Irish Warriors – AFLIC14

By Lachlan Buszard

Sport has the ability to breakdown barriers, to unite people from different religions, colour and race and socio economic background.  Sport inspires people and people inspire sport.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been lucky enough to be involved with the AFL International Cup carnival that has been played in Melbourne and on Saturday I will again be helping out the Irish teams coach David Stynes (the younger brother of the late Jim) to go back to back on the hallowed turf of the MCG.

Whilst the players are here to win, the AFLIC14 carnival brings together 18 different nations of mens and womens teams all of different standards, all with different stories and all united under the AFL banner.  The carnival showcases the international passion for our game like no-other and credit must go to the hard working volunteers and/ or AFL development staff who have had the courage and desire to spread the AFL gospel far and wide.

2014 represents the second carnival that I have been involved with the Irish team for.  Pronouncing names is not my strong point, and understanding their questions through thick accents is not that easy either but this is why it’s so enjoyable.  30 players make up the squad with most of the players have been playing in Ireland or out here in Australia for the past couple of years.  None of these players have grown up playing AFL and have had to learn the nuisances of the game and the skills.  Gaelic footballer, hurling, soccer, basketball and rugby union are the staple sports in Ireland so getting players to play together can be challenging, especially for the overseas Irish lads who play 9 or 12 a side in the local AFL competition.   The players are all keen to learn, all keen to play and importantly excited by the opportunity to play on the MCG, which is reflected in their team song which states: we are on a long road……… multiple counties together as one on the long road to the MCG.

There is something special about being involved with a group of highly passionate amateur players who have funded their own trips to Australia despite the struggling Ireland economy and high unemployment, to represent their country in a game they have found and fallen in love with.  Their passion for the game is unquestionable and it is refreshing in the current climate of professional sport and world turmoil.  In 2011 I learnt that an orange t-shirt that was to be worn at training by the player that best epitomised the teams standards may not have been the best choice of colours politically, but sport always has a way of overcoming barriers and uniting people for a common cause and the joke was then on me.

Over the next couple of days there will be a flutter of activity around Port Melbourne and St Kilda beaches as AFLIC14 players emulate their heroes and spend most mornings in the water trying to aid recovery.  Structures, team rules, style of play, injury management and team selection will be discussed at length by team management as four tough games in 2 weeks takes its toll on the body, but for all of the teams, this is just a small price to pay for the chance to share a common passion, meet new people and celebrate the opportunities that sport can provide.

This Saturday will see the Irish squad take on PNG at the MCG in a grand final re-match from 2011.  PNG have played in the Grand Final in all 5 international Cups, however which ever country wins is largely irrelevant, as another generation of international AFL fans, players and supporters will head back to their home countries with some great memories, new friends and importantly they will continue to be great advocates for Australia and the game of Australian rules football.


Lachlan Buszard is the former GWS Giants Academy Manager / Head Coach.

Denmark AFL 9s tournament

by Aksel Bang

While The International Cup in Melbourne reached its finals the summer heat cranked up in Europe and a new tournament saw the light of day in Denmark.

Aalborg was for a day the footy center of Europe with the new DAFL OPEN-9’s tournament being held at the Aalborg Kangaroos home ground. The Kangaroos hosted the tournament with help from the DAFL and volunteers from the community who believe in Aussie Rules footy abroad.

On the 16th of August 6 teams turned up to participated in the first DAFL OPEN-9’s which is a 9-a-side tournament played within the DAFL and AFL Europe laws. The 6 teams included the Oslo Crows, Odense Lions, Farum Cats, Aalborg Kangaroos and DAFL Outcasts which was a mixed team with players from Copenhagen and Aarhus. But even though Aalborg already had one team in the tournament the club still managed to pull together all the the old players who previously played for the club to participate on the Aalborg Old Boys team.

Despite the windy conditions in Aalborg on the 16th the tournament was a great success and every team showed great skills, wonderful team spirit and made sure every spectator gained great insight as to what footy is all about.  The tournament was played in pool stages and finals rounds, there were 2 groups with 3 teams in each of the groups and one cross-over game.

It was a great day in Aalborg and everyone had a great day and throughly enjoyed the footy. We hope that in the future the tournament will have more nationalities and teams participating.

Official Results:

1st place: Farum Cats

2th place: DAFL Outcasts

3th place: Oslo Crows

4th place: Aalborg Old Boys

5th place: Aalborg Kangaroos

6th place: Odense Lions

Leading goal kicker: Mikkel Norlander, Farum Cats

Best and fairest: William Hedenskog Andersen, DAFL Outcasts



IC14 Play offs and Grand Final fixture update

The competition is heating up in Melbourne at the AFLIC14 with play offs and the much anticipated mens and womens grand final this weekend.  As confirmed the Irish Banshees will take on the Canada Northern lights and the Irish Warriors will face PNG on saturday.

Don’t forget all matches played on Friday and Saturday will be streamed live through the IC14 website at www.aflic14.com.au. 


Friday 22nd August Play Offs

Ransford Oval

9:00 am Division 2 Japan v Finland

11:00am 3 v 4 women’s

1:00pm  3 v 4 (3rd place playoff) NZ v South Africa

McAlister Oval

9:00am (Div 2) Sweden v China

11:00am 7 v 8 USA v Nauru

1:00pm 5 v 6 (Div 1) Canada v Tonga

3:00pm  17 v 18  Indonesia v India

Western Oval 

9:00am 5 v 6 women’s

11:00am 9 v 10  Fiji v GB

1:00pm  Division 2 Pakistan v France

Saturday 23rd August Grand Final day

Richmond FC- Punt Road

2:10pm Womens IC14 Grand Final Ireland v  Canada Northern Lights


4:50pm Mens IC14 Grand Final  Ireland v PNG

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European mens results round 4 & semi final

photo credit afl.com.au

Congratulations to Irish Warriors who have successfully confirmed they will be taking on PNG in the Grand Final on Saturday the 23rd of August at the MCG.

Semi Final 2 Mens 

Ireland: 0.0 4.1 5.3 8.5 (53)

South Africa: 0.2 1.3 4.4 4.4 (28)


Ireland: Lucey 2, Stynes 2, Finn, Joyce, O’Halloran, Geraghty

South Africa: Mongia, Sokoyi, Moshoeshoe, Sobetwa


Ireland: Lucey, Joyce, McKloskey, Fanning, McElhorne, Stynes

South Africa: Funda, Pani, Phakedi, Mkhize, T.J Moagi, Moshoeshoe


Division 1 (5v12)

Canada: 1.4 6.10 8.11 9.15 (69)

France: 1.0 1.1 2.3 2.3 (15)


Canada: Nash 5, Lund, Kozlowski, Duggan

France: Tiefenbach, Dandaleix


Canada: Ortel, Conrad, Ryan, Nash, Lund, Casey

France: Patacq, L’Hotellier, Schieber, Picard, Denerf, Gil


Division 1 (7v10)

Nauru: 2.1 3.4 7.6 7.7 (49)

Great Britain: 2.2 4.2 4.2 5.3 (33)


Nauru: Donatello 2, German 2, Tipung, Snuka, Charles

Great Britain: Willatt, Worthington, Walton, Mitchell


Nauru: Tiana, Donatello, Jonas, Mallinson, Dave, Lennox

Great Britain: Walton, Matias, Saunders, McGeever, Ryland, Aburto


Division 2

India: 0.1 0.1 0.1 1.2(8)

Finland: 0.1 0.2 2.4 3.7 (25)


India: Kailashnathan

Finland: Romar, Kalliojarvi, Nurmikosk


India: Kailashnathan, Fernandes, Fariduddin, Himat, Ghosh, Parmar

Finland: Romar, Nurmikosk, Kaarlsson, Kalliojarvi, Saarinen, Aalto


Indonesia: 2.5 2.5 4.7 4.8 (32)

Sweden: 2.1 6.3 7.4 9.6 (60)


Indonesia: Prasojo 2, Wood, Abdillah

Sweden: Martensson 3, Magnusson 2, J.Olsson, Brenmo, Svensson, Lindgren


Indonesia: Wood, Halim, Prasojo, Ibadurrohman, Abdillah, Latupeirissa

Sweden: Kvarnstrom, Magnusson, Martensson, Svensson, J.Olsson, Sund


Community Round European results & Round 4 update

Image: afl.com.au


Here are the European results from the community round matches:


Ireland 3.2 6.5 9.10 10.10 (70)

USA Liberty 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 (6)


Ireland: Rafferty 3, Treanor 2, Hazley 2, Dempsey, Keatley, Behan

USA Liberty: Kwoka


Ireland: Rafferty, Behan, Keatley, Meehan, Corrigan, McKay

USA Liberty: Even, Thiesen, Regets, Mascher, Vorsatz



Ireland: 2.4 5.5 6.5 10.6 (66)

Nauru: 2.0 4.1 6.2 6.3 (39)

Goal kickers

Ireland: Luce 5, Johnston, Stynes, O’Regan, McCluskey, Finn

Nauru: Kenneth 2, Donatello 2, Snuka Tipung


Ireland: Lucey, Healy, Finn, Fanning, O’Halloran,  Stynes

Nauru: Tiana, German,  Lennox, Donatello, Dave, Kenneth


France 2.6 7.9 9.12 16.14 (110)

Indonesia 0.0 0.2 0.3 0.4 (4)


France: Tiefenbach 5, Patacq 4, Tapia 2, L’Hotellier 2, Picard, Dandaleix, Rosado

Indonesia: –


France: Picard, Dandaleix, Tiefenbach, Coste, Patacq, L’Hotellier

Indonesia: Santtoso, Wood, Ibadurrohman, Halim, Suputro, Daichi


Canada 5.2 12.3 17.4 20.10 (130)

Sweden 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0)


Canada: Casey 5, Nash 5, Strom 4, Kozlowski 3, Lund 2, Millar

Sweden: –


Canada: Strom, Nash, Casey, Duggan, Armstrong, Millar

Sweden: Svensson, Martensson, Sund, Olsson, Koinberg, Tellstrom


Fiji 0.4 2.6 5.7 7.7 (49)

Great Britain 1.0 3.3 4.4 4.9 (33)


Fiji: Koroi 2, Valetiri, Valesu, Natadra, Pauli, Ratu

Great Britain: Willatt 4


Fiji: Valetiri, Nauuss, Valesu, Vatutei, Changkit, Vunitabua

Great Britain: Willatt, Walton, Aburto, Talbot, Worthington, Matias


China 0.0 0.1 2.5 3.8 (26)

Finland 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.4 (22)


China: Peng Gao, Chen Shaoliang, Pi Jiaming

Finland: Lampi 2, Lofbacka


China: Chen Shaoliang. Deng Mingjie,Zefan Zhang, Chen Zhushen, Liu Kunsong, Yu Enda

Finland: Lampi, Puntila, Lofbacka, Karlsson, Nurmikoski, Muhonen


Round 4

With the results in from round 4 it looks like the Irish Banshees will be in the Grand final on Saturday the 23rd of August. The mens matches will also see two semi finals played out between Ireland and South Africa and New Zealand and PNG.


Ireland: 5.3 9.6 11.9 11.12 (82)

Canada Midnight Suns 1.0 2.0 2.0 2.1 (13)

Goal kickers

Ireland:  Behan 3, Loughlin 2, Corrigan 2, Hazley 2, Mahony, Brogan

Canada Midnight Suns: Dall Rosa 2

Bets players

Ireland: Behan, Keatley, Corrigan, McKay, Rafferty, Hazley

Canada Midnight Suns: Tateson, McCabe, De Silva, Dall Rosa, Tong, Legault


Mens Tuesday 19th August:  

With the results in from round 4 it looks like the Irish Banshees will be in the Grand final on Saturday the 23rd of August. The mens matches will also see two semi finals played out between Ireland and South Africa and New Zealand and PNG.

Sweden v Indonesia 11:30am

Ireland v South Africa 1:30pm

Nauru v Great Britain 1:30pm

Canada v France 3:30pm

India v Finland 3:30pm


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