2016 Leprechaun Cup


The Belfast Redbacks Australian Rules Football Club hosted both the The Wandsworth Demons A and B in the Leprechaun Cup this weekend. The Wandsworth Demons B ended up taking home the title!


Belfast Redbacks Australian Rules Football Club 3.5.23 def. by Wandsworth Demons B 4.2.26

Wandsworth Demons B 5.5.35 def. Wandsworth Demons A 2.7.19

Wandsworth Demons A 3.5. 23 def. Belfast Redbacks 2.4.16




The Leprechaun Cup took place on the weekend in Belfast, Ireland. The Ulster Kookaburras, Wimbledon Hawks and Wandsworth Demons participated with the home team of the Kookaburras taking out the title at the end of the day.


Wimbledon Hawks 4.3. 27 def. by Ulster Kookaburras AFL 4.5.29

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