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Cup gold medal with a blistering 129-92 win over Serbia (5-4) at the Palacio de os Deportes de la Comunidad arena on Sunday night in Madrid, Spain. The USA, which distanced itself from Serbia early in the game with a 28-6 run to close the first quarter, became just the third country in FIBA World Cup history to capture consecutive titles, and more crucial, the championship earned the USA an automatic bid into the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

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Cup gold medal with a blistering 129-92 win over Serbia (5-4) at the Palacio de os Deportes de la Comunidad arena on Sunday night in Madrid, Spain. The USA, which distanced itself from Serbia early in the game with a 28-6 run to close the first quarter, became just the third country in FIBA World Cup history to capture consecutive titles, and more crucial, the championship earned the USA an automatic bid into the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

The USA’s +33.0 points per game differential was the most of a U.S. men’s team in a FIBA World Cup or Olympic Games since the 1994 World Championship (+37.8). OI think the results were dominant, but we had spurts of dominance in a lot of games,” said USA coach Mike Krzyzewski (Duke University). “And, we had tough games, and then FIBA

World Led by 26 points from tournament MVP Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers) and 23 points from James Harden (Houston Rockets), the USA (9-0) saved its best performance of the World Cup for the gold medal clash as the Americans captured a second-consecutive Led by 26 points from tournament MVP Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers) and 23 points from James Harden (Houston Rockets), the USA (9-0) saved its best performance of the World Cup for the gold medal clash as the Americans captured a second-consecutive FIBA World

Australia take out the 8th annual Anzac Cup  

The 8th annual Anzac Cup took place on the weekend in the incredible town of Villers-Bretonneux, France. This commemorative event takes place every year, on the very grounds in which the Australian’s played an important part in reclaiming the town from the Germans 98 years ago. It may not be as long running as the annual Essendon v Collingwood Anzac clash but the bond forged year after year between the teams is immeasurable.

2016 saw the first full women’s match take place at Stadium Timmerman. Improving on Australian numbers from last year, the Australian Spirit took on the French National Women’s team in the 9-a-side match. Whilst the match was hard fought the Aussies came out on top. With the French donning a few last minute injuries, Aussie player Anna Pitt, who is currently playing for the ALFA Lions in Lyon, showed incredible sportsmanship by jumping over to the French team to the round the numbers.

All players went out and gave it all their all, playing with unbelievable spirit, however, the Best on Ground honours went to Belinda Jolly for Australia and Camille Portal for France.

Q1       AUS     3.6.24             FRA     0.1.1

Q2       AUS     7.9.51             FRA     0.3.3

Q3       AUS     11.10.76         FRA     0.5.5

Q4       AUS     16.11.107      FRA     0.5.5

AUS GOAL KICKERS: Emma-Jane Pinyon 7, Hayley ‘Noodle’ Canton 3, Belinda Jolly 2, Sarah Townsend 2, Gemma Kaslar 1, Jessie Hayes 1.


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The men’s match begun with the Australian’s holding four wins to the French’s three, over the course of the Anzac Cup. After the amount of spirit the women’s match was played in, the anticipation was high for the men’s match. With the Australian team being made up of those connected to the Anzacs, WWW and the Picardie region, the nature of the game was more about camaraderie than winning. The passionate match had the Aussie’s take home their 5th Anzac Cup win and a bond that will last a lifetime.

The teams fought hard and had a relatively even spread across the board, however, Australian, Ben Quick managed to come off the backline and kick 10 goals, earning himself Best on Ground. Frenchman, Herve Desjardin earned the same honours with his aggressive and skilled approach to the game.

Q1       AUS     5.3.33             FRA     1.1.7

Q2       AUS     9.7.61             FRA     4.4.28

Q3       AUS     18.9.117         FRA     6.6.42

Q4       AUS     22.11.143      FRA     8.10.58

AUS GOAL KICKERS: Ben Quick 10, Tom Rischbieth 4, Augustine Patti 3, Gerard Bourke 2, Josh Walker 1, Phil Zadona 1, Terry Unitt 1.

FRA GOAL KICKERS: Max Favero 2, Florian Vidal 2, Vincent Monnier 2, Baudouin Germond 1, Julien Dagois 1.

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A huge thank you to our Anzac umpires, Brent Kanowski and Nilss Lode, who did an excellent job on both matches. Also a special mention goes to our enthusiastic and vibrant goal umpires, Jay Treloar and Mitchell Thompson who also excelled in both the men’s and women’s matches.

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Anzac Cup – Men’s Match Report

Men’s Match

The 8th Annual ANZAC Cup, played in Villers-Bretonneux, France, was for the first time played following an official women’s match. If the women’s game was anything to go by this match was going to be a nail-biter.

The French side had a shaky lead up to this year’s game with a few late withdrawals causing some selection headaches for coach and Aussie expat, Andrew Unsworth. However, with the majority of their side having played together previously they were always going to ask some serious questions of the more fancied Australian outfit.

The first 10 minutes of the game were an arm wrestle. The Australian’s skills let them down and the French pressure added to those skill errors making their more experienced rivals look nervous with ball in hand.

Veteran, Adam Pearce, steadied the ship in the midfield with big ruckmen, Augustine Patti, opening the scoring for the Australians.

This didn’t deter the French side with their physicality and brutality around the contest keeping them well and truly in the game.

The match started to open up with both teams scoring at will. Fullback turned Full-Forward, Ben Quick, from Australia was too much for the French to handle, bagging a handful of goals in the first half.

Oliver Howard repelled the French attack and got the Aussies out of trouble on numerous occasions with his raking left foot.

The teams were only separated by a few goals going into the main break and on a small field the game could still go either way.

Only those within the inner sanctum know exactly what mercurial coach, Jason ‘Coach’ Cameron, said to the boys at the break but whatever it was it seemed to spark them into gear.

The game opened up for the Aussies. Kicks were hitting targets, tackles were sticking, and Big Ben Quick kept putting the ball through the big sticks

Dale Cox was a barometer for the Australians and despite leaving his passport back in London on the trip over, he certainly didn’t leave his kicking boots at home. Cox was lacing out kicks at will, not too unlike the lethal left of Stewy Dew circa 2008 Hawthorn Premiership year.

The Aussies ran away with it in the third piling on 9 unanswered goals. The premiership quarter proved just that with the French running out of steam and unable to close the gap.

Best on ground honours went to Ben Quick from Australia who finished the day with an incredible 10 goals. Not a bad return for a player who started the match at fullback. The French best on ground was awarded to Herve Desjardin who worked tirelessly all day and never gave up consistently putting on big hits and tackles making sure the Aussies had to work for every possession.

Final Scores

Australia: 22.11.143

France: 8.10.58

ben website herve website


Anzac Cup – Women’s Match Report

The first official ANZAC Cup between the Australian and French women took place on a cold Saturday afternoon in the small town of Villesr-Bretonneux. After a scratch match between the two countries last year on the same weekend this year’s instalment was set to be a scintillating encounter.

In a sign of respect both sides lined up to sing the national anthems and shortly after the first women’s match played between Australia and France was underway.

The two sides started at a frantic pace. Right from the first bounce the skills and intensity were incredible. Belinda Jolly, the Australian teams token Kiwi, was dominant in the middle of the park, everything she touched turned to gold.

Full-Forward, Emma-Jane Pinyon, was wreaking havoc in the fifty-meter arc bagging a handful of early goals.

The Australian’s gained the ascendancy from the first bounce and looked like a team that had played seasons together. They went into the main break with a good lead. The French still had a glimmer of hope and their ferocity around the ball provided them with a chance.

A third quarter, 3 goal blitz up forward from Australia’s, Hayley ‘Noodle’ Canton, put the game out of reach for the French side.

The scoreboard didn’t reflect the contest at hand, with the French being more than competitive through the midfield with Camille Portal & Claire Pérez toiling hard all day. They simply lacked polish and structure going forward.

The intensity around the football was immense all day and the French, with limited substitutions, never gave up. The more experienced Aussies capitalised and continually sling-shotted the ball from their half-back line in many an attacking foray.

Notable mentions must go to Aussie Rules newcomer Fliss Moffatt, from Australia, whose adept ruck work and marking proved pivotal in providing an advantage for the Aussies and Claire Pérez from the French, who never gave up in the midfield.

Best on ground honours went to Belinda Jolly for Australia and Camille Portal for France. Both girls were clear stand outs for their respective sides and were crucial to their teams getting first use of the ball from the midfield.

Final scores

Australia: 16.11.107

France: 0.5.5

bel website french website

2016 Anzac Cup

Australians and the residents of Villers-Bretonneux forged an inadvertent relationship following the many historical engagements of the First World War, that the Western Front of France reluctantly played theatre to.

This bond was made late in the First World War, where VB became heavily involved in 1918. The German advance on Amiens ended with the capture of the nearby village of VB, cutting the supply of a major north-south rail line. The successful capture occurred on a second attempt by the Germans and succeed on the 24th of April.

Within hours of the towns capture two Australian brigades were rushed onto the front lines to recapture VB. The battle played out overnight and by dawn of April 25th the Germans began evacuating. The threat to Amiens was over but Australian casualties amassed to more than 2400.

There are 10,738 Australian Serviceman officially commemorated by the Villers-Bretonneux War Memorial and named within the register.

The turmoil experienced during the First World War continued to strengthen companionship between the two nations. A lasting show of respect is displayed in the VB Victoria School where a sign reads ‘Do Not Forget Australia’.

The Victoria School was constructed in 1923-1927 as a gift from the children of Victoria, Australia as a sign of gratitude and respect to those whose served on the Western Front and the immense relationship between the town of VB and Australia forged during those tumultuous years.

On the 23rd of April 2016 a dedicated group of Australian and French, men and women will be gracing the hallowed turf of Villers-Bretonneux, They will take part in an Australian Rules Football match to commemorate the lifelong bond between the two nations. This year will be the 8th Annual ANZAC Spirit Game. It what has fast become a great show camaraderie and mateship between the two nations, further solidifying the long history we both share.

 2016 Anzac Cup Programme

Ben Durance


Anzacs to be remembered in special northern France match

This long weekend presents us with another ANZAC Day, when we mark the landing of the First Australian Imperial Force at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915. We also give thanks and remember all those who have served our nation during war and peace time operations.

Thanks to the annual Essendon-Collingwood ANZAC Day match, footy has been partially woven into the fabric of this special day, with many suburban and country leagues now having a feature match on the national day of commemoration.

Image: AFL Europe

Female footballers have also chosen to honour this special date in our calendar, and not just at home through the annual Australian Defence Force vs VWFL All-Stars match.

On the other side of the world, women representing Australia and France will meet in a match in northern France to not only mark the weekend of the Gallipoli landings, but also the important role Australians played on the western front that weekend 98 years ago.

The Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux saw the German 2nd Army attack with mustard gas and high explosive rounds on the evening of April 23, 1918. The village was taken by morning, making the railway junction of Amiens vulnerable to capture.

However, the Australian 13th and 15th Brigades created an envelope attack and surrounded the village just 24 hours later, isolating the Germans despite being outnumbered. With help from the British, the Australians recaptured Villers-Bretonneux on April 25, three years on from Gallipoli.

A special bond has been formed between that village comprised of approximately 4,000 people and Australia since that day. After the war, the local school was rebuilt from donations by school children from Victoria. Out of respect, the phrase N’oublions jamais l’Australie’ – ‘Let us never forget Australia’ – was marked on every school blackboard.

Villers-Bretonneux is also the site of the Australian War Memorial in France, the resting site of more than 770 Australian and other British Empire soldiers who fought in that campaign.
One of the women to take part in the ANZAC Cup match is London-based Australian and Wandsworth Demons premiership footballer, Kate Grabowski.

“I first heard about this game because a couple of our [Wandsworth] Demons girls played in it last year,” Grabowski told Girls Play Footy.

“The experience they had was quite incredible and they said they had such an amazing time.

“So I decided to do this because it is a very special weekend, as a lot of Australians can appreciate.”

Selection for the Australian side in the match was not just based on ability, but AFL Europe’s desire to know what ANZAC Day meant personally to each player.

“Although I’m second generation Australian, my grandparents came over from Poland; they escaped World War 2,” Grabowski explained.

“For me, ANZAC Day is quite special because every year they used to march in the ANZAC Day parade in Sydney. We used to watch them every year and it was quite an amazing experience for me.

“War has affected so many people in so many different ways, and I know that although they’re not with me at the moment, they would be so proud of me representing Australia on this special weekend.”

One of the players representing the French national team on this special weekend is Berengere Portal, who discovered the game when she visited Australia a few years ago.

“When I got back to France, I found a team in Paris and just fell in love with the game,” Portal told Girls Play Footy.

“We have three or four games a year and we try to play more and more because of the Championships next year.”

For Portal and her fellow teammates, the occasion of ANZAC Day and what it means to Australians is not lost on them.

“It’s a great honour to take part in this event because I think it’s very important to be grateful for the Australians and New Zealanders who sacrificed their lives for our country.

“It’s a big event for the year [for Villers-Brettoneux], so it’s very important to organise this.

“They have maybe a few hundred people in this town and they love this event.”

The weekend for both the Australian and French men’s and women’s sides is filled to the brim. The matches will be played on Saturday, while Sunday will be spent with local families and visiting the War Memorial. The trip will be concluded on the Monday with the dawn service.

With just two years until the centenary of the Second Battle of Villers-Brettoneux, no doubt more Australian female footballers will consider making the trip and pulling on the boots for a game in this special place in our nation’s history.



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24/4 10:00am BST (Live) Melbourne Football Club v Richmond FC
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Women’s Curtain-Raiser

We don’t know about you but we want wait to watch Jess Edwards and Tess Baxter, ex AFL LondonThe Wandsworth Demons players, at the Showdown curtain raiser tomorrow morning!!

Fans attending Saturday’s AFL showdown will have the chance to watch the South Australian women’s All Stars Match. The curtain-raiser will commence at 10.15am (00:45 BST) with SA Red taking on SA Blue. Players will be vying for a state berth to play against NSW in June and are sure to put on a great display to impress the selectors. The match will be live-streamed on the belong link.
Look out for Jess #19 and Tess #45 for the blue team!

Live stream starts at 00:45 BST (British Summer Time) here: