Jerusalem Peace Team Lions – Euro Cup 16′

The Jerusalem Peace Team Lions are back in for Euro Cup 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. The Lions team manager, Avraham Benvenisty has provided us with an insight into their preparations leading up to this year’s tournament.

The Jerusalem Peace Team Lions are taking part in their 2nd European Championship!
This time, we’re coming to Lisbon!
The team was founded again a few months ago, with only 3 players that knew how to play the game (or that have even watched a game before), but recruitment brought us to the point of having 14 lads that know the rules, learned the game, and accomplished the goal of playing in the upcoming Euro Cup!
So… What did the team go through over the past few months?
– No pitch for the first week of training’s
– Fasting of players for a month of training 
– No goals to practice properly 
– No Footy shoes for some players
– 1 broken cheekbone, one broken back, several broken teeth
But also:
– Hard training’s and workouts
– Practice matches (and winning a tournament in Israel!)
– Raising $15,000 for the Euro Cup
– Jews, Muslims and Christians, all fighting together over one odd looking ball!
So – 
The Lions kick off their 2016 tournament against the Irish Warriors at 10am before taking on France and Russia later in the day.

Player of the Week

AFL Europe Player of the Week

Each week AFL Europe is profiling a European player and finding out how they got into the great game of Aussie Rules and a bit about themselves. If you’d like a profile or know of someone who would, then email to receive a question sheet.

This week we are profiling the silver-fox from the Irish Warriors, Eoin O’Murchu. If you’re in Lisbon for this weekend’s Euro Cup then keep an eye out on this veteran winger.


Eoin O Murchu


Wandsworth Demons



What position do you play?

Wing and Midfield

AFL team you support:

Sydney Swans

Favourite AFL player:

Pearce Hanley from the Brisbane Lions. Honourable mention for “Buddy” Franklin from the Swans too.

How did you find out about AFL?

I played Gaelic Football up until I move to London 7 years ago so I always had an interest growing up. Jim Stynes was from my neighbouring club in Dublin and I followed Tadhg Kennelly’s career when he played too. When I found out there was a league in London I really wanted to get involved.

How long have you been playing for?

6 years

What is your memory of your first Aussie Rules game?

Chest marks, getting smashed in my first tackle and beating the West London Wildcats in the lashing rain in Putney.

Best AFL moment?

Being named the Rest of the World Club Captain for the Wandsworth Demons last year but winning EU Best and Fairest in my first season at the Demons is a close second.

Notable mention goes to the hard earned froths at the Alex with the Demons after every game. Nothing better than dropping a few Fozzies with the Dees and Shedees 😉 post game.

Any other interesting information, quirky stories or interesting things about yourself?

While I love footy, nothing beats Hurling which was my main sport until I moved to London. Also, my surname is Irish for Murphy which people find very confusing in the UK!

People don’t often associate me with being a big drinker as I usually shy away from the traditional AFL London post-game boat race but a close few know of my ability to down a pint in under 2 seconds.

EuroCup Mens Fixtures

[event_list id=”5767″ title=”Pool A” team=”0″ league=”788″ season=”768″ venue=”0″ status=”default” date=”default” number=”6″ order=”default” columns=”event,teams,time,league,venue” show_all_events_link=”0″ align=”none”]

[event_list id=”5767″ title=”Pool B” team=”0″ league=”792″ season=”768″ venue=”0″ status=”default” date=”default” number=”6″ order=”default” columns=”event,teams,time,league,venue” show_all_events_link=”0″ align=”none”]

[event_list id=”5767″ title=”Pool C” team=”0″ league=”793″ season=”768″ venue=”0″ status=”default” date=”default” number=”6″ order=”default” columns=”event,teams,time,league,venue” show_all_events_link=”0″ align=”none”]

[event_list id=”5767″ title=”Pool D” team=”0″ league=”794″ season=”768″ venue=”0″ status=”default” date=”default” number=”5″ order=”default” columns=”event,teams,time,league,venue,article” show_all_events_link=”0″ align=”none”]

EuroCup Finals

16:30 – SF1: Winner Pool A v Winner Pool C – Pitch 1

16:30 – SF2: Winner Pool B v Winner Pool D – Pitch 3

18:30 – Grand Final – Pitch 1


EuroCup Bowl Finals

Teams Ranked 5 To 8 After Pool Stages


16:00 – SF1: A2 v C2 – Pitch 1

16:00 – SF2: B2 v D2 – Pitch 3

17:30 – Bowl Final – Pitch 1


EuroCup Plate Finals

Teams Ranked 9 to 15 After Pool Stages 

15:00 – QF1: A3 v C4 – Pitch 1

15:00 – QF2: B3 v A4 – Pitch 2

15:00 – QF3: C3 v B4 – Pitch 3

15:30 – SF1: D3 v QF2 Winner – Pitch 2

16:00 – SF2: QF1 Winner v QF3 Winner – Pitch 2

17:00 – Plate Final – Pitch 1




EuroCup Womens Draw

[event_list id=”5767″ title=”Pool A” team=”0″ league=”795″ season=”768″ venue=”0″ status=”default” date=”default” number=”6″ order=”default” columns=”event,teams,time,league,venue” show_all_events_link=”0″ align=”none”]

[event_list id=”5767″ title=”Pool B” team=”0″ league=”796″ season=”768″ venue=”0″ status=”default” date=”default” number=”5″ order=”default” columns=”event,teams,time,league,venue” show_all_events_link=”0″ align=”none”]

Finals and Playoffs

16:00 – SF1: First Pool A v Runner Up Pool B – Pitch 1

16:00 – SF2: First Pool B v Runner Up Pool A – Pitch 3

17:30 – 5th Place: Third Pool A v Third Pool B – Pitch 2

18:00 – 3rd Place: Semi Final Losers – Pitch 3

18:00 – Grand Final – Pitch 1


Around the Grounds

Euro Cup wait nearly over!

Its only 3 more sleeps until the Euro Cup kicks off again for another year. This year’s installment is taking place in sunny Lisbon, Portugal and is being contested by 15 men’s and 7 women’s teams.

The 1-day tournament is being played at the National Stadium Jamor with three fields in action throughout the day. The 9-a-side format will have teams jostle for top spot in their respective pools in the morning before battling it out in the finals during the afternoon.

Stay tuned on the AFL Europe website and social media for a full tournament preview later in the week.


Clapham Cubs hit record numbers

Sunday 2nd October saw the return of the Clapham Cubs (London’s very own junior Auskick program) with record numbers in attendance. The Cubs had 21 junior players enjoy a morning of kicking and handballing the Aussie rules ball.

Massive congratulations to Lisa Wilson and her team at the Cubs for their great work in developing the game over here at the junior level.


AFL Europe Grand Final Lunch goes down a treat

The annual AFL Europe Grand Final Lunch was held last Friday 30th of September in the Australian High Commission Ballroom.


The event is held in association with the South Australia Club and was a great success with special guests David Zaharakis, Nigel Smart, Kym Koster, Pat Cash and Phil Liggett enjoying the festivities.


Thanks to all those guests who attended and made the event so enjoyable. If you were unable join us last Friday, ensure that you are primed and ready to get on board for the 2017 edition.



AFL Europe want you!

AFL Europe are currently seeking applications for the role of General Manager. If this position is of interest to you or someone you may know please follow the link below for further information.


Match of the Round

HLAN Grand Final – Zagreb Hawks vs Zagreb Dockers

The culmination of the 2016 HLAN season is upon us. Two of the oldest clubs in Croatia meet with one of the most anticipated match-ups set to treat the crowd in Zagreb.

It’s the Zagreb Hawks vs the Zagreb Dockers. Hawks are the oldest club in Croatia and are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. The Dockers were second to the scene in Zagreb and have been the dominant side in recent seasons.

The 2013-2014 Grand Finals are still fresh in the minds of Croatian footy fans. In these years the Hawks went back-to-back against the Dockers until a player exodus at the end of 2014 for the Hawks saw the Dockers climb to the top of the pile.

Season 2015 saw a changing of the guard with the Zagreb Dockers dominating and saw them claim the premiership cup for the first time.

The Dockers will be confident going into this match-up and with players like Cvetko, Ivos and Cudina they have reason to be.

For the Hawks the return Josip Habljak from Sturt Football Club in the SANFL back in Australia will be a pivotal player. He’s now spent two years in the SANFL system and will lift the confidence of the players around him.

Both teams will be excited to stake their claim as the best team in Croatia after falling short in the CEAFL competition a couple of weeks ago.

Best of luck to both sides and be sure keep an eye out for the full match report to come out early next week.


Coach’s thoughts- Ivan Molnar (Zagreb Dockers)

“We have a lot of respect for the Hawks team. Not only because they have their ruckman back from Australia, but because they are a well organised and balanced team. Underestimating them would be fatal. It is said in our league that we are the favourites to win the title, but in one game anything can happen. No game is win before it has started so we will be highly motivated to defend the title and to prove that we are the best team in Croatia”.

Coach’s thoughts – Josip Kravar (Zagreb Hawks)

“As coach of this team I can say that we are proud to play in the grand final and I am proud of my team to be here now. Some of my greatest masterpieces were created against the odds of reality, so we will give our best”.