Euro Cup 2017 – Team Previews


The Euro Cup, co-hosted by the CNFA and Bordeaux Bombers, is fast-approaching. In the lead up we’ll be taking a quick look at the teams who’ll be competing for the title of Euro Cup championsThe one-day tournament is being held at Stadium Robert Monseau, 5 rue Charles Capsec, 33 160 Saint Médard en Jalles with full event details able to be found at on the official event Facebook page (

Next up in our previews from the men’s side of the draw we have the England Dragon Slayers, the Flying Dutchmen and the Czech Republic Dragons, and from the women’s competition we have the Scottish Sirens and the Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries. 


England Dragonslayers

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

With a new coaching line up, the squad was named following a training camp based in Sheffield, in which the players were fitness tested. The camp also had a focus on game play and developing each players skill set. This year there is a blend of both new and experienced players. This squad also has some of the Great Britain Bulldogs who competed in the International Cup this year in Melbourne. This will certainly be a very exciting squad to watch.

The squad has warmed up with a game against the AFLCNE Northern Storm, which has enabled the squad to get used to playing together again. With most of the squad coming from the AFLCNE or having experience in that league they are all well averse with playing 9 a side footy. It will be good to see how they can transform their club form onto the international stage.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

Luke Booth – Huddersfield Rams – He has the ability to turn a game in the drop of a hat. He always works hard for the team and with his great movement both with and without the ball, is able provides accurate ball into the forward line. This will be his last Euro Cup, as he leaves us to play footy in Australia, will he be able to secure the Dragon Slayers the title??

Myles Hudson – Wimbledon Hawks – A very talented defender, who is great under the high ball as well as on the ground. He reads the game very well and will be pivotal for the England Dragon slayers. His distribution is very accurate giving good possession to his team mates.

Andrew Cochran – Manchester Mosquitoes – This guy will be everywhere, his work ethic means that he is always in and around the ball. He has the ability to win the tap in the ruck and then reclaim the ball when it falls to the floor. Look out for his strong leads and his aggression around the ground.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

Winners:  2008 (Czech Republic), 2009 (Croatia) and 2013 (France)

Even in between the successful years of 2009 and 2013, the Dragonslayers never finished outside of the top four in Europe, including two third place finishes in 2011 and 2012. More recently the boys were just pipped at the post by the Danes, coming 2nd in the 2015 Euro Cup.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

As usual the Dragon Slayers will be eyeing match ups against Croatia, Ireland and Denmark and will need to be at their very best if they want to overcome these opponents to take home the trophy. They will need to make sure that they take it one game at a time if they are to succeed within this tournament.

We have high expectations every time we go to the Euro’s. With good player management and a solid game plan I believe we can be the best team on the day and win the competition! We have the skill, strength and stamina to go all the way in 2017!


Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

The Welsh Wyverns have been working hard to form a squad for Euro Cup 2017 with Wales having only set up women’s AFL 3 months ago.  In light of this we have gladly joined forces with the Danish Valkyries to form a full squad. It is great to be working alongside these ladies to ensure both countries are represented at Euro Cup.

The ladies have been training with the WARFL league men’s teams and Wales were lucky enough to also have a warm-up game alongside the England Vixens in London; Whereas the Danish girls have played matches against Sweden during the fall to prepare for the tournament and get some game experience.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

Mette Brøndserud is definitely a player to watch. She began her footy career only this year, and has already shown great skills in tackling, being first on the ball and an extremely fast player!

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

Being the first time the Welsh Wyverns have entered Euro Cup, we are looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere, learning a lot and playing against some quality opponents! Then partying afterwards!

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

It has been been a challenging task to set up Women’s AFL in Wales and get a team to attend Euro Cup within 3 months of starting but we are extremely pleased that we have made it! We are really looking forward to playing as a team and learning lots throughout the tournament to enable us to grow! Particular thanks must go out to Lisa Wilson, Amanda Teglhus, AFL Europe and O’neills sportswear for helping with the preparations leading up to Euro Cup and also getting us to Euro Cup 2017!


Czech Republic Dragons

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

We’ve been working on forming the squad during the last few weeks and now the final team list is complete. Leading up to the Euro Cup we’ve intensified the trainings and have added in practice matches to each of our training sessions. Last weekend we played a warm up game against the Dresden Wolves in Germany, and most of our players play regular season games in the CEAFL (Central European Australian Football League).

Who is your team’s player to watch?

This year, the Dragons’ player to watch is Marian Pliestik. Marian plays defence and will be bringing plenty of experience with him to his third Euro Cup.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

There are a few that stand out – some close victories against Finland and Iceland and a vigorous game against Spain in the Edinburgh Euro Cup, and an extremely memorable after party in the London Euro Cup.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

This year we think one of the toughest opponents will be the Croatian Knights. It’ll be a tough competition but we’re aiming to make it into the top 8 teams, and mostly looking forward to returning to Euro Cup after a few years off.


Scottish Sirens

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

The Scottish Sirens squad for The Euros was announced on Saturday 16th September. The Scottish based players have been meeting for regular training sessions in the lead up to the tournament. With limited domestic opportunities for women in Scotland, members of the squad have been travelling down to London to compete in the Women’s league along with their London based Scottish teammates. The majority of the squad also took part in the Haggis Cup in Glasgow earlier this year playing for the Glasgow Sharks and Giants/Hawks with some members of the team also travelling to the Leprechaun Cup in Belfast and the Champions League in Amsterdam. The Sirens squad also boasts 9 members of the GB Swans team who finished 3rd at last months International Cup in Melbourne and won this years Pre-Season Cup.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

Laura ‘Speedo’ Park will be coming into her second Euro Cup vastly improved from the player she was in Lisbon. She has improved the physical aspect of her game this year and has developed into a hard hitting forward who puts the back line under pressure. Speedo will be going to Bordeaux full of confidence after a great IC with the GB Swans where she was named best on ground against Canada.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

The Scottish Sirens have competed at two previous Euro Cups (London 2014 and Lisbon 2016). Highlights from previous tournaments include finishing 3rd in 2014 and competing in 2016 (after not being able to travel to Croatia) where the Sirens competed strongly and finished 6th.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

Head Coach Ian Mitchell shares his thoughts on the upcoming tournament “We can never look too far from home for competitiveness with the Banshees and the Vixens usually performing pretty well. We also expect the French to be strong on home soil.

Our key players will be our GB Swans contingent but we are also expecting big performances from Rachel Kilmartin and a few of the new girls.

We are expecting opponents to come away knowing they have been in a game! We will be physical and are aiming to be hard to break down and clinical in front of the sticks.

We are excited just to get out to France and for the first ball up.”

Team manager and co-captain Stacey Hughes added “The squad are looking forward to going out to Bordeaux and competing against some strong opposition. We are excited to again compete at a European level and we have some new players in the squad who are very excited to pull on the Scotland guernsey for the first time. With so many of our squad part of the GB Swans team our game against our English counter parts will be an interesting affair when teammates become opponents.


Flying Dutchmen

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

The squad was announced on 11th August 2017. Specific Dutch training sessions were set up and well attended during the season and these have ramped up in intensity from the end of July in preparation for Euro Cup in October.

We have only been able to arrange one warm up game for the Flying Dutchmen in the build up to Euro Cup, which took place on September 23 against Amsterdam Devils. Two solid games on the day and the Flying Dutchmen claimed victory in two very close games.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

We have a number of new players to the sport this year who started playing Australian Rules Football during the AFL Netherlands 9s tournament mid-season. We are really looking forward to how these guys perform at Euro Cup after spending some time learning the game from the more experienced Dutch players.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

The Flying Dutchmen have achieved a runner up position in the 2010 EU cup after a very close final. One ‘veteran’ is still playing today in the current team bringing good memories, precision and good football.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

Coming back each year to EU cup is an overall great experience for the Flying Dutchmen. This event has many similarities of a great tournament and quality football as to it’s ‘brother-event’ the Champions League that the Dutch are proud to host for the past three years. Having these great events throughout the year really connects Australian Football on European grounds with a wide variety of Aussie Rules Football players.

Euro Cup 2017 Fixtures


The 2017 Euro Cup in Bordeaux is fast-approaching!

14 men’s and 7 women’s will be contesting for the title of Euro Cup Champions.

The teams contesting the men’s title will be the Croatian Knights, Irish Warriors, England Dragonslayers, German Eagles, French Coqs, Welsh Red Dragons, Austrian Avalanches, Scottish Clansmen, Flying Dutchmen, Swedish Elks, Jerusalem Peace Lions, Russian Czars, Czech Republic Dragons and Swiss Mountain Cocks.

The teams contesting the women’s title will be the England Vixens, Irish Banshees, Croatian Queens, French Gaulouises, Swedish Ravens, Scottish Sirens and Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries.

The men’s draw features four Pools. Two Pool consisting of 3 teams and two Pools consisting on 4 teams.

The women’s draw features two Pools. One Pool consisting of 3 teams and one Pool consisting of 4 teams.

Both draws were ranked and graded based off teams performances at the three previous Euro Cups.

Good luck to all teams competing in #EuroCup17

Men’s Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
German Eagles Irish Warriors Croatian Knights England Dragonslayers
Austrian Avalanches Scottish Clansmen French Coqs Welsh Red Dragons
Jerusalem Peace Lions Flying Dutchmen Russian Czars Swedish Elks
Swiss Mountain Cocks Czech Republic Dragons

Women’s Pools

Women’s A Women’s B
Irish Banshees England Vixens
Croatian Queens French Gaulouises
Swedish Ravens Scottish Sirens
Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries



Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Pitch 3 Pitch 4
9:00am German Eagles v Austrian Avalanches Jerusalem Peace Lions v Swiss Mountain Cocks French Coqs v Czech Republic Dragons Croatian Knights v Russian Czars
9:40am Scottish Sirens v Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries England Vixens v French Gaulouises Irish Banshees v Croatian Queens BREAK
10:20am England Dragonslayer v Welsh Red Dragons Irish Warriors v Scottish Clansmen Russian Czars v Czech Republic Dragons Croatian Knights v French Coqs
11:00am French Gaulouises v Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries England Vixens v Scottish Sirens German Eagles v Jerusalem Peace Lions Austrian Avalanches v Swiss Mountain Cocks
11:40am Croatian Queens v Swedish Ravens Scottish Clansmen v Flying Dutchmen Welsh Red Dragons v Swedish Elks BREAK
12:20pm French Coqs v Russian Czars Croatian Knights v Czech Republic Dragons German Eagles v Swiss Mountain Cocks Austrian Avalances v Jerusalem Peace Lions
1:00pm Irish Warriors v Flying Dutchmen French Gaulouises v Scottish Sirens England Vixens v Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries England Dragonslayers v Swedish Elks
1:40pm Irish Banshees v Swedish Ravens BREAK BREAK BREAK
2:30pm Men’s Plate QF2 (12v13) Men’s Plate QF1 (11v14) Women’s Plate Game 1 (B3vB4) BREAK
3:00pm  Men’s Cup QF3 (C1vB2) Men’s Cup QF2 (B1vC2) Men’s Cup QF1 (A1vD2) Men’s Cup QF4 (D1vA2)
3:30pm Men’s Plate SF2 (10v11/14) Men’s Plate SF1 (9v12/13) Women’s Plate Game 2 (A3vB4) BREAK
4:00pm Women’s Semi-Final 2 (B1vA2) Women’s Semi-Final 1 (A1vB2) Men’s Bowl SF1 (L1vL2) Men’s Bowl SF2 (L3vL4)
4:30pm Men’s Cup Semi-Final 2 (winner QF3 v winner QF4) Men’s Cup Semi-Final 1 (winner QF1 v winner QF2) Men’s 11th P/O Men’s 13th P/O
5:00pm Men’s Plate Final (9th P/O) Women’s 3rd P/O Men’s 7th P/O Women’s Plate Game 3 (A3vB3)
5:30pm Men’s Bowl Final (5th P/O) Men’s 3rd P/O BREAK BREAK
6:00pm Women’s Cup Final BREAK BREAK BREAK
6:30pm Men’s Cup Final BREAK BREAK BREAK

VAFA Tour UK & Ireland in October 2017!

VAFA Tour UK & Ireland in October 2017!

The Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) will be touring the UK & Ireland in 2017 with mutliple games planned throughout their journey.

The VAFA traditionally tour every 2 years and during their last tour in 2015 played against a London All-Stars side in their final hit-out of their 3-week tour.

This year, VAFA return to Europe to play four matches over 18-days with games scheduled against Irish county sides, Bishoptown, Tuam Stars and Donaghmore Ashbourne before taking on a London All-Stars side in London on Sunday October 15th. Full details on this match and after-party to be released soon.

The touring squad for VAFA has been named and is captained by Old Geelong midfielder, George Burbury, with Alexander Armstrong of Old Melburnians named as his deputy.

The London All-Stars squad is in the process of being finalised with a large expression of interest received. Those at London All-Stars HQ are rumoured to be quietly confident with the squad that is assembling and are keeping their cards close to their chest in the hope of turning around a 10+ goal deficit from their 2015 hit-out.

For the full tour announcement from VAFA HQ click HERE and to follow the VAFA touring party jump onto their Facebook page and give them a LIKE

VAFA Squad

George Burbury (c) Old Geelong
Alexander Armstrong (vc) Old Melburnians
Liam Whelan Aquinas
Brodie McLaughlin Bulleen Templestowe
Sam Hibbins Collegians
Christian Carnovale Hampton Rovers
Alexander Mastromanno Old Brighton
Jock Grimshaw Old Geelong
Nicholas Reeves-Smyth Old Ivanhoe
Thomas Cameron Old Melburnians
Denis Symeopoulos Old Xaverians
Louis Denton Old Xaverians
Nicholas Nagel Powerhouse
James Musster Prahran Assumption
Christopher Hughes St Bernard’s
Luke Di Lizio St Bernard’s
Edyn Sibbald St Bernard’s
Thomas Jok St Kevin’s OB
Michael Dolan St Mary’s Salesian
Lachlan Dornauf University Blacks
Tyrone Bean University Blacks
Michael Culliver Westbourne Grammarians

PSS Around the Grounds

Sodermalm take home SAFF Premiership

The Sodermalm AFC have taken out this year’s Stockholm Australian Football Federation Premiership in Sweden this weekend. After narrowly qualifying for the grand final on percentage and being neck and neck with their opponents the Solna Axemen for most of the match, Sodermalm managed to drive it home in the final quarter and take home the Cup with a 55-38 finish. Well done Soder!


Blues rule in Croatia 

The Sesvete Double Blues have taken out the Croatian rules league after defeating the Zagreb Dockers in last weekend’s grand final. It was a tough match over in Croatia but the Blues managed to drive home a final win to finish off a hugely successful 2017 season.


Copenhagen Barracudas are DAFL Champions

The Copenhagen Barracudas were victorious over reigning premiers the Farum Cats in the DAFL (Denmark Australian Football League) grand final this weekend. In what proved to be a physically gruelling match for both teams the Barracudas managed to pull through and took home the Cup from defending champions the Cats.


ALFA Lions are Coupe de France winners

The AFLA Lions took home the Cup in last weekend’s Coupe de France. The Lions lead the way throughout the tournament in Paris and managed to defeat the reigning Coupe de France Champions the Paris Cockerels after facing them in the grand final. The Lions drove home their final match of the day and will now represent France at next year’s Champions League tournament with their 24-11 victory over the Cockerels.


University of Birmingham host taster session 

The University of Birmingham Aussie Rules Football Club will be hosting a taster session this Wednesday to welcome new players to the club. The taster session is free with no obligation to join the club – so get along and have a go at Aussie Rules! All abilities and experience levels are welcome with many players just starting out and having their first go at footy. Check out the Facebook event here. 


Great Britain Bulldogs hold onto star Coach 

The Great Britain Australian Rules Football Club proudly announced this week that their Coach Dean Thomas will be sticking with the GB Bulldog’s for another three years. This means Dean will be leading the Bulldogs into another European Championships in 2019 and a huge AFL International Cup in 2020. After taking out last year’s European Championships they’ll be trusting Dean to help defend their title and to improve on their 6th place finish at this year’s International Cup. Congratulations to the Bulldogs and Dean and good luck over the next three years.

Euro Cup 2017 – Team Previews


The Euro Cup, co-hosted by the CNFA and Bordeaux Bombers, is fast-approaching. In the lead up we’ll be taking a quick look at the teams who’ll be competing for the title of Euro Cup championsThe one-day tournament is being held at Stadium Robert Monseau, 5 rue Charles Capsec, 33 160 Saint Médard en Jalles with full event details able to be found at on the official event Facebook page (

First up in our previews from the men’s side of the draw we have the Swedish Elks, German Eagles, and the Scottish Clansmen, and from the women’s competition we have the Swedish Ravens and the England Vixens. 

Swedish Elks

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

Preparations have been going well, with the Elks squad being announced at the beginning of August. There is a lot of new blood in this Elks line-up, with captain and national team stalwart, Andreas Svensson, the only player from the IC14 Division Two Championship winning team travelling to the Euro Cup this time round. The majority of the boys have played alongside or against each other, and in a friendly match against the Gothenburg Berserkers in mid-August they got to learn a lot from each other and coach, Brett Petersen. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any regular national team training, though all of the players have been going through their regular training sessions once or twice per week with their respective local clubs.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

Newly named Elks vice-captain Nicklas Andersson is a player to keep an eye on, both at the Euro Cup and in future tournaments. It’s only his second season playing Aussie Rules and last year he picked up the Best First Year Player Award with his local club, the Norrtälje Dockers. With every game, he’s becoming more a bull running out of the midfield and he’s damaging on the scoreboard when he moves to half forward. His passion for the game and fearlessness around the contest is going to make him an integral part of the Elks playing group for many years to come.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

It’s been a few years since the Elks have been to the Euro’s and we’re usually very competitive. One the best Euro Cup moments for AFL Sweden will be coming up this year in Bordeaux where the Swedish Ravens women’s team and the Elks represent Sweden together for the first time.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

We’re hoping for the first time Elks players to take a lot away from this tournament. We’ve got one of Sweden’s greatest ever players in Andy Svensson as captain and the younger guys will be drawing a lot from his experience and wisdom. This is a newer generation team of Swedish Elks coming through now and we’re really looking forward to seeing how they play as a group and where they can go in the next few years. We really want the guys to be proud of themselves, be proud of their game and be proud of representing their country, and most importantly to just have a good time.

German Eagles

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

Our squad was named a few weeks ago with a few minor changes to the list, but we should have 15 fit and fighting players attending. We haven’t trained together as a team but the players have had plenty of training at their respective clubs. Coming off the first trip to Melbourne for the International Cup, where some success was had, the team feels that there have been many learning experiences and a drive to continue to improve.

Who is your team’s player to watch?                               

The Klusemann brothers, Matthias and Markus are the ones to watch. Matthias (Tizza) has been out of the squad through injury in the past two years since the Euro Cup in Croatia, and his brother has moved back after a stint in Australia. The brothers play forward and midfield and are fired up at the chance to play alongside each other in their first Euro Cup together.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

Last year’s Euro Cup in Portugal – with many injuries we still made it to 4th place and pushed off some of the best teams in Europe which was a big achievement. We are striving to improve on this achievement even more at this year’s Euro Cup.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

After the IC we are missing a few of our countries best players, including our Captain and IC Team of the Tournament player, either through injury or availability. However we bring in some very good players to replace them, and arguably bring our most competitive team in the past three years.

The Klusemann brothers along with Tim Horenburg bring experience, height and agility to the team, whilst Momme Volquardsen brings some grunt to the backline. We want to better our performance from last year, but will actually be aiming each game just to stick to the team rules and the underlying process, that will put us in good stead this year and into the future.


Swedish Ravens

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

The squad has been named but we wont be going public with it like we did last year. We have 4 new players since last year. We have been training consistently and have managed to get a few matches in September.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

Player to watch this year is halfback Isabelle Karlsson. She first played for the Helsingborg Wolverines and now plays for Port Malmö Lynx and this will be her 3rd Euro Cup.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

Euro Cup highlight was making it through the group stage to the bronze match last year in Lisbon.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

We are looking forward to whoever we play. We have a great rivalry with France, Croatia and Denmark but have yet to play Scotland. I’m very interested to guage our improvement against the stronger teams in England and Ireland if we come up against them. It will be interesting to see what effect the IC has had on the players that participated.

Re expectations, I think there’s a lot of teams that would love to knock off either England or Ireland but it’s a tough ask. There are a bunch of teams though that can realistically take the bronze so i expect that to be something to watch.


Scottish Clansmen

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

The squad was announced in August with a good balance of experienced and new players looking to make an impact.

Our last training session took place at Stirling University in September. It was great opportunity to get the squad together and establish our focus for the Euro’s.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

One of our key players to watch is Matt Goodman, Midfielder for the Glasgow Sharks and GB Bulldogs. Matt’s played in three previous tournaments and was named in the Team of the Tournament in Umag in 2015.

 What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

The competition at the Euro’s is fierce so any win at is a fantastic effort, beating Italy in Milan was a highlight in 2010.

We also came back from 21 points down at halftime to Denmark in Belfast to win with a goal seconds before the siren in an exciting group game.

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

Head Coach Stephen Connor says “Having played on the International stage since 2009 Scotland have had the pleasure to play against nearly every European team at some point, we obviously enjoy playing against England and have a good rivalry and respect for them . The first group game against Portugal in the 2016 Euro Cup last year was nice to be a part of as it was their first game as hosts of the Euro’s.”

Our key players this year will be Back Paul McGavin, Midfield Matt Goodman, Midfield Scott O’Hara and Forward Dan Connor.

We do expect to do well again this year and hopefully improve our ranking as we have done the last three years. We know on our day we can match it with the best.

We always enjoy getting away as a group, catching up with players from the other countries. From a team point of view we are looking forward to seeing how well the players gel and how the new players perform and add to what is a great squad.


England Vixens

How have preparations for the Euro Cup in Bordeaux been tracking?

The Euro Cup preparations have been in full swing since our trials weekend in June! Many of our girls spent August over in Melbourne playing in IC17 as part of the GB Swans team so whilst our squad training sessions were initially limited we certainly haven’t missed out on growing our game experience. Since then we entered September with all eyes on Bordeaux, training in Nottingham and again in London. Our focus has been on refining our hand-eye skills with a variety of new drills designed to increase our accuracy and up our game. Fitness and speed has always been our strength but following last years close defeat we’ve been analyzing every aspect of our game in order to improve.

Who is your team’s player to watch?

The Saulter sisters and the Turner-Ramadan’s are known superstars on the pitch and often display great link up play on the pitch, but we’ve definitely got some incredible new players this year. Former England youth football international Beth Bailey is making her England (Aussie Rules) debut after making the world team at IC17 so she will undoubtedly be making an impact in the backline as she enters the Euro Cup scene. Alex Peill is another underdog to watch, despite being relatively new to the game she’s got the strength to make a big difference on the field.

What is your team’s best Euro Cup moment?

Winning EC15 felt absolutely incredible and a definite highlight of the team’s experiences, complete with the acapella rendition of ‘We don’t Have To Take Our Clothes off” –  Jermaine Stewart at the end! Knowing what that felt like and to also have experienced coming second to Ireland last year is a big driver for us when training. We also have some fantastic moments off the pitch too!  One of the best parts of being a Vixen is the team camaraderie and it’s often the thing that sets us apart from other squads; we know each other inside out from knowing how to build each other up for games to what song will get them dancing on the table at the after party!

Coach’s/Team Managers thoughts on Euro Cup 2017?

After being runners up to Ireland last year, we are definitely hungry to go one better this year. We’ve had some good preparation for the tournament, with a high proportion of our players playing in the London league over the summer and several gaining lots of extra game time and experience over at the IC. Overall we are really looking forward to what we can achieve this year!

Obviously Ireland is a team that we’re very keen to test ourselves against after losing to them in the final in Lisbon, but we will be sure to not underestimate any opponent given the fact that Scotland are looking like they will be taking a strong, experienced side and it will be interesting to see what Croatia can bring to the table.

Expectations wise our aim is to make another Euro Cup final and maybe even go one better than last year and bring home the title – we’ll just have to see what happens!


Match of the Round – Coupe de France 2017

The Coupe de France (The French Cup) is an annual pre-season tournament that brings together the teams competing in the French Championship, and returns to Paris this weekend.  Coupe de France is a one day event, and the 2017 instalment will take place this Saturday the 23rd of September from 10am to 5pm. This year it will be played in Stade Polygone in the Bois de Vincennes, hosted by the Paris Cocks. 

Coupe de France is one of the first Aussie Rules competitions created in France, and allows all the French clubs and players to come together for an action packed day of footy. It’s a highlight of the CNFA calendar for all the players and is especially important to the teams as the winner of the Cup is chosen to represent the French league at the AFL Europe Champions League tournament each year.

This year’s hosts, the Paris Cocks, are the oldest Aussie Rules Football club in France and date all the way back to 1998. The Cocks are lucky enough to now boast three teams in the CNFA – two male teams, the Cockerels and the Cockatoos, and the first ever female team, the Cockerelles.

Six clubs will be taking part in this year’s competition to battle it out for the chance to be the winners of the Cup and to attend the Champions League: the Cergy Coyotes, Bordeaux Bombers, Alfa Lions, Toulouse Hawks/Blagnac Aviators, the Paris Cockerels and the Paris Cockatoos. 

This year’s tournament will have the men’s battle it out in a jam packed day of matches before a French women’s exhibition match prior to the men’s grand final.

To keep up with all the Coupe de France match results on Saturday check out the event page here or the Paris Cocks Facebook page here.

Last chance to secure your place at the 2017 Toyota AFL Grand Final Lunch in London!


Close to a week to go and with only a handful of tickets left this is your last opportunity to join us at the 2017 Toyota AFL Grand Final Lunch next Friday 29th September.

WHEN: Friday, 29 September 2017
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With the preliminary finals just around the corner, we’re counting down to this year’s 2017 Toyota AFL Grand Final Lunch in London! Join us at Australia House on the 29th of September as we preview the biggest match of the year while enjoying a delicious three course lunch and plenty of beer, wine and cider.

We are excited to announce that the Adelaide Crows will, once again, partner the event in conjunction with the Office of the Agent General for South Australia. If that wasn’t enough, we have some stellar entertainment lined up, including an Aussie comedian, unique and enviable auction items up for grabs, some up and coming AFL Talent and, to top off an epic afternoon, an AFLW panel including AFLW Premiership Coach, Bec Goddard from the Adelaide Crows.

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PSS Around the Grounds

Manchester Mozzies host Movember Cup 

The Manchester Mosquitoes are set to host the Nathan Blakey Memorial “Movember” Cup this once again on Sunday, the 19th of November. The annual 9-a-side tournament welcomes both men’s and women’s Aussie Rules teams to get involved to support “Movember”. For more information check out the Mozzies’ Facebook page here or to enter a team email


Leeside Lions hold onto ARFLI Premiership 

The Leeside Lions have managed to hold onto their Premiership title after taking out the Aussie Rules Football League Ireland (ARFLI) Grand Final on Saturday. Despite some fierce competition from their opponents the South Dublin Swans, the Lions earned their back-to-back Premierships and took out the match with a 13.7.(85) to 6.5.(41) win. Congratulations Lions!


Berlin Crocodiles are AFLG Champions! 

After their strongest season yet, the Berlin Crocodiles have added to their undefeated season and their minor premiership with their most important achievement – their first ever AFLG premiership! The Crocs managed to defeat last year’s premiers, the Munich Kangaroos, with a 22.10.(142) to 8.6.(54) victory.


Cats and Barracudas earn their place in DAFL Grand Final

The Farum Cats have defeated the Odense Lions 123-30 in the DAFL (Denmark Australian Football League) semi finals to earn their place in the 2017 DAFL final! After taking out last year’s Grand Final, the Cats will be looking to hold onto their Premiership as the Aussie Rules champions of Denmark. They’ll be joined in the Grand Final in Farum this Saturday by the Copenhagen Barracudas, who will be out to reclaim the Premiership from the Cats. Good luck to both teams!


Solna takes on Sodermalm in SAFF Grand Final 

The SAFF (Stockholm Australian Rules Football Federation) Grand Final will take place this Saturday, with the Solna Axemen taking on the Sodermalm Blues to become the champions of the Stockholm League. The Grand Final should be a cracking match between two of AFL Sweden’s biggest rivals. The two top teams came up against each other a few weeks ago with Sodermalm earning a hard-fought victory over Solna, with a final score of 88-61.

Match of the Round – AFLG Grand Final

AFLG Grand Final – Berlin Crocodiles v Munich Kangaroos

After a long six months of tough Aussie Rules, the Australian Football League Germany (AFLG) is about to top off a great season with a blockbuster match between the two top teams in the country. This year’s Minor Premiers, the Berlin Crocodiles, will take on reigning 2016 Premiers the Munich Kangaroos in the AFLG Grand Final in Dresden this Saturday. After an eventful season for both teams so far, check out how the Berlin Crocodiles and the Munich Kangaroos are shaping up for their biggest match of the year.

Berlin Crocodiles:

The Berlin Crocs are enjoying their best season to date in the clubs 16 year history, after finishing the AFLG home and away season with the minor premiership and an undefeated run. The Crocs stormed into the finals to get a win against the Frankfurt Redbacks, and qualifying for back to back grand final appearances this coming Saturday against the Munich Kangaroos.

With big wins at home and away throughout the season, the Crocs have been finding a way to play consistent, high intensity football week in, week out. The Crocs were lucky to retain their entire 2016 team as well as finding some new talent this season, and have had plenty of opportunities to gel as a team in 2017. 

Highlight match:

A highlight match of the year was the recent win over the Hamburg Dockers away in dreadful conditions, but the Crocs gritted their teeth and dug in for tough day of footy. They walked away with the minor premiership and it was a great way to finish the season on a high.

Last matchup against the Roos:

With the 2016 grand final loss to the Munich Kangaroos still fresh in the Crocs minds, they were able to seek some redemption with a convincing win at home earlier in the year against their rivals. The game was fast paced with plenty of aggression and bone crunching tackles. The Crocs were able to withstand the physicality brought by the Roo’s in the opening minutes of the match to get their usual running style of play going, and they ran away with the win.

There is definitely no love lost between the two rivals who will once again lock horns to contest for the AFLG premiership in what is sure to be a cracking game of football. 

Comments from the Coach, Jan Meinecke:

“The boys are shaping up well for the big game after a really strong performance against Frankfurt in the Semi-Final. We are also fortunate to welcome back some players from injury and travel, which makes selection really tough since obviously no one wants to miss such a big game in the club’s history. I suppose it really shows how much the group has grown and improved from last year’s Grand Final where we were struggling to fill the full side.”

“Last year’s loss has definitely driven us to go further this year, but come Saturday we can’t focus too much on the opposition or what happened last year. The 2017 season we have had, really shows that when we focus on the task at hand and play team footy we are hard to beat.”

Key players to watch: 

Josh Bollmeyer – will be looking to continue on his great form in his first season with the club. A big target up forward, who has taken out the leading goal scorer award for the league.

Luke Edwards & William Acworth (VC) – unfortunately both missed last years Grand Final through travel and injury, so the 2 boys will be looking to make a big impact in the Crocs midfield in this decider. 

Bart Rijckaert (C) – The courageous captain will be leading the backline with his tough and hard attack on the ball and will ensure its a tough day for the Munich forwards.

Munich Kangaroos:

After losing some key personnel from last years victorious premiership team, it’s been a rather tumultuous season for the Munich Kangaroos. Whilst they’ve celebrated some great victories, the Roos have also suffered a couple of morale sapping defeats. A few of their new German recruits have come leaps and bounds in their development this season, and will be playing Saturday in their biggest game so far – especially against the might of Berlin who have impressed everyone with their unbeaten run this year.

Highlight match:

The Roos have had a rather injury plagued season, which has meant that it’s been a bit of a mixed bag with availability and performance. One game against the Rhineland Lions earlier this season saw the team needing to travel the 500km to the Lions’ home ground, and were struggling right up until the last minute to pull a full side together to avoid a forfeit. They managed to scrape together the bare minimum to field a team and nicknamed themselves “the walking wounded”. With two serious injuries early on in the match and no bench, the Roos were left a player short when their Assistant Coach stepped up to the plate despite nursing a calf injury. Despite spending most of the match sitting down in the goalsquare, he managed to kick three goals for the quarter, winning the match and injecting some much needed grit and determination into the Roos’ campaign to finish in the top two. 

Last matchup against the Crocs:

The Roos’ describe their last performance against the Berlin Crocs as “very un-munich like”, but praised the Crocs for their “clinical display of top quality football”.

Comments from the Coach, Julien Kann:

“It will take a big effort to stop the Crocs, but it can be done – I’m sure of that.”

 “We’re certainly going in as underdogs but we’re okay with that. I’m curious to see who steps up on the big stage and steals the show – I just hope he is wearing a Roos jumper!” 

Players to watch: 

The Roos have a number of experienced campaigners playing on Saturday who have played in a number of Grand Finals.

There’s a good blend of these more experienced players mixed with a few new young players who are ecstatic to be playing in the Grand Final and are really looking forward to the challenge.

Good luck to both teams heading into the Grand Final and well done to the AFLG on a fantastic season of footy in Germany.

Volunteer or Umpire at Euro Cup in Bordeaux!


Join the AFL Europe team at this year’s Euro Cup in Bordeaux on Saturday 7th October.

The annual one-day tournament brings countries from around Europe together to compete in a 9-a-side carnival to crown the men’s and women’s Euro Cup champions.

This year is expected to be one of the biggest yet and isn’t possible without the help of volunteers and umpires.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in lending a hand on the day please contact

Check out the tournament highlights from the 2016 Euro Cup in Lisbon.

“many hands make light work” – anon