2019 ANZAC Cup Player Profiles – Angi Crispe

34-year-old Angi Crispe is exactly the type of person you’d want in your team or club. 

Showing commitment through immersion in her local club, Angi has shown over the years how she can help a community of people perform at their best. 

Currently living in Ireland, Angi is a player, coach, committee member and overall supporter of the Cuala Gaelic Club. Helping her club to recently win the best sporting club in Ireland award, this level of dedication to a club is exactly what typifies being a part of the Australian Spirit team.  

Growing up in the small town of Riverton, South Australia, Angi was first in contact with Australian football when playing for the Riverton Hawks. This being her main Australian football background means this ANZAC Cup trip will be on another level. Compared to a junior local footy experience this is an amazing opportunity to proudly represent her home country on such an important weekend.  

Angi will join the Australian Spirit football team on the 27th of April for the 11th consecutive ANZAC Cup. 

Held in Villers-Bretonneux, France, Angi will be looking to inspire and make her family proud, representing Australia against the French National Australian football team. 

“I am very proud to grow up in a family who values their history and past and have a lot of relatives who have worked hard to share photos and stories of our generations gone by.” 

This ANZAC Cup event, being part of a big Australia Week in Villers-Bretonneux, is to honour diggers and their sacrifices made to reclaim land against the German Forces on April 24th, 1918. 

With many of her family closely attached or a part of this World War, strong ties to the area and event are present, giving Angi a whole lot to play for. She will be representing her family proudly along with 26 other, well deserving Australians. 

The old war stories be they of battle or loss, living in Australia during war times and family life back then are all so precious and something I will always try to preserve for future generations of my family. 

Being so close to her Great Grandfather, Kenneth Elliot Crispe, Angi would hear stories about how proud her ‘Pa Crispe’ was about fighting in World War Two and created many great early memories with him. 

“Pa Crispe sparked my love of our family history at a very young age.” 

Angi’s family history is rich with men who gave it all for their country, including Kenneth Elliot Crispe’s two Uncles in World War One. Walter, who was a Private in the 10th battalion, was captured and killed by the Germans, while Hubert was a driver for an Army Service Corps train. 

With so much war representation on one side of her family, the added amount on the Haskett and Mills sides of her family is astonishing. 

Edmund Haskett was a man who fought in World War One and Two, alongside Angi’s Great Grandmothers brother, Samuel and cousin George who both served in World War Two. 

With the Mills part of her family adding eight more brave soldiers, who fought in World War One and Two respectively, it shows the amount of deep history Angi is playing for and how proud her family will be of her going on this trip. 

This immensely long list of family representatives at war, show something that Angi and her family will hold dearly forever. Angi will be able to create even more memories in Villers-Bretonneux that will help inspire her beautiful eight-year-old daughter, to carry on the honoured traditions of storytelling throughout her life as well. 

“She is of an age now where she is beginning to learn about history in school and make connections that will last. I always try to teach her the importance of remembrance… I was of a similar age when my Pa began teaching us, his great grand kids, about our family history and I would love her to see how memories can be carried from generation to generation.” 


Special thanks to the National Australia Bank for their continued support as Major Partner of the ANZAC Cup.

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