2019 Euro Cup Team Previews: Part Eight

Only two days left until the 2019 AFL Europe Euro Cup, which is being held in Norrtalje, Sweden this year for what is set to be a thrilling day of football as national teams from 16 different European countries field their nations best players and over 350 players battle it out for the Cup.

This year’s edition of the Euro Cup will see all the games take place on Saturday the 29th of June. As part of the buildup, AFL Europe will be previewing all the teams competing. In our eighth and final edition of the team previews, we will be taking a closer look at the Scottish Clansmen.


Men’s Competition:

Scottish Clansmen

What has your preparation been heading into the 2019 Euro Cup?

We’ve worked hard with all domestic and international clubs to identify the best Scottish talent available. The coaches have been keeping a close eye on players progress throughout the season and preparing a suitable game plan.

How many clubs are represented in your national team?

We have a total of 11 clubs being represented in our national team.

How many of your players are going to be making their Euro Cup debuts?

This year sees two of our players make their Euro Cup debuts.

What can we expect to see from your team this Euro Cup?

A lot of physical presence and an eagerness to build on last years performance.

What does competing in the Euro Cup mean to your team?

This is Scotland’s major annual tournament, there is a lot of competition for a spot. Representing your country is the main aim of any player and as soon as our players land in Sweden club allegiances go out the window. We all have the same aim to show Europe what Scotland is made of.

What are your expectations for the Euro Cup?

To build on our strong performance last year and ensure that any team we play against go away knowing they’ve had to work for every touch of the ball

Who are the players in your team that we should be watching out for?

David Jordan of Wandsworth Demons was part of the team of the tournament last year, also one of our returning players after a few tournaments,  Al Lindop who plays out of Canada at the Burnaby Eagles.

The Scottish Clansmen will be remembered in the 2019 Euro Cup for…

Pride, passion and ensuring that there’s no party without Scotland.