2019 Euro Cup Team Previews: Part Two

Women’s Competition:

Croatian Queens

Coach: Matea Sedlaček
Captain: Ana Vuković

What has your preparation been heading into the 2019 Euro Cup?

This year the players had a lot of training with their clubs, and with Euro Cup coming closer the national team is starting to train together more and more. In the month of June, we are completely dedicated to preparations for Sweden.

How many clubs are represented in your national team?

We have two women clubs in Croatia this year, we could say finally. Since that is the case, the quality of women’s footy in Croatia has risen immensely, girls have played many matches and the intensity to win a game is great in the national championship. We hope that it will just translate to all the matches in Sweden and that girls will be able to show what their capacities are.

How many of your players are going to be making their Euro Cup debuts?

Five of the girls are gonna make their debuts.

What can we expect to see from your team this Euro Cup?

You can expect to see more aggressiveness and skills than before since that is what experience of this year’s matches so far has shown to us.

What does competing in the Euro Cup mean to your team? 

It is by far the most important competition for us. Every girl is especially proud to wear the national jersey. In Croatia generally, national sports are highly popular, and every sportsman dream is to be in selected national team sometime in life.

What are your expectations for the Euro Cup?

My expectations, or at least – hopes, is to reach semifinals, as the team already has two times before, and from then on, anything is possible.

Who are the players in your team that we should be watching out for?

Ana Vuković has definitely grown up as a player, and although she is one of the youngest, already has a lot of experience and is proudly being the captain of the team this year. We should also mention our defence players Dina Bednar and Marija Kos, and some debutantes like Antonia Kablar and Dea Dam which surely have a lot to offer.

The Croatian Queens will be remembered in the 2019 Euro Cup for..

Great games of course!