2019 European Championships Day 2 Recap

Day Two of the 2019 European Championships decided the final standings for the women heading into their Grand Final on Saturday, while in the men’s competition, the semi-finals took place to decide both their Grand Final and final placing matches.

With an early start for some teams there was some sore, tired bodies entering Wimbledon Park it seemed, along with some dewy grass on a brisk October morning.

This wasn’t noticed right from the first bounce of the women’s game, with all players going just as hard at the ball as they did on day 1 and both the men and women showing great skill by hand and foot.


Just like yesterday, each team played the other team once, so after the two days, each team have played four games and these pool games have now decided the top two sides who are set to contest in the Grand Final on Saturday.

First up today saw the Great Britain Swans play the German Eagles over on pitch one, where after a great performance on Day 1 from Germany today the Swans came back with revenge and gained an important victory.

Using their strength and long kicks, the Eagles looked in control at times and are an exciting team to watch in their Euro Champs debut.

In this game, however, the pace and quick hands of the Swans got the better of the opposition and started Great Britain off to an enjoyable start on Day 2 winning 8-1.

After that, the Swans finished off their pool matches against the Irish Banshees.

The Swans battled hard and through their tackling pressure were able to gain mainly holding the ball calls against the Irish and held down well in defence early.

Despite a strong display of effort from the British girls the Irish Banshees were again at their classy best.

With countless inside 50’s and shots on goal, Ireland controlled the game in their forward half and as the game went along their accuracy improved leading them to a large 58 point victory.

The final pool match in the women’s draw saw the German Eagles play against the Irish Banshees as the Irish Banshees were looking to continue their unbeaten run and the Germans eyeing off a spot in the women’s final.

The Eagles used their spirit and support from their loud men’s team to go hard at all contests and played some eye catching footy at times in this one.

Although a valiant effort from Germany they were outshone by the class of this Banshees side who made it straight through to the European Championships final, while the Eagles will join them for an exciting rematch.

Day 2 was an eventful day for the women’s competition, involving chase down tackles, snap goals and big marks, was a great standard and spectacle.

Expect more of the same in day 3 this Saturday to find out who will take home the 2019 European Championships trophy.

The GB Swans will take on the Wandsworth Demons at 9am, with the showdown between the Irish Banshees and the German Eagles for top spot taking place at 1pm.


The men’s side of the competition turned up the heat, with the shorter games of Wednesday now into full match length of 20 minute quarters.

Each of the men’s sides battled it out using their fitness across the longer format in a game each on this Day 2.

First up for the men were the in form Danish Vikings, taking on the brute strength of the Croatian Knights.

Holding their own in defence and use of body in the midfield, Croatia kept the game on level terms to start.

The Vikings soon got on a roll with quick clearances in this one and never looked back.

The Vikings overcame the Knights 59-4 in the end asserting a real statement win for the men’s division of the competition.

In one of the most thrilling matches of the men’s competition thus far, the Irish Warriors and Great Britain Bulldogs battled it out in a close match.

Hard at the ball and with quick hands, the Warriors through string defence kept themselves in the game, while also playing exciting footy.

While the Bulldogs, with their pace and marking ability were able to gain countless inside 50’s, putting real pressure on the opposition.

In a real body on body affair and some big hits, the Bulldogs found a way to convert when heading forward and with a real lifting victory for the side prevailed over the Irish by three goals, 48-30.

The final game of day 2 showcased some very talented players and a chance for both the French Coqs and German Eagles to finish off the competition on a high.

The Eagles showed they were up for a challenge early using their size and strength factor over the French and had many great intercept marks with many balls heading forward.

Although an effort filled German team was on display the speed and overall fitness of the Coqs helped them create a great amount of inside 50’s and convert well on the scoreboard.

Finishing 5th overall in the competition, the French Coqs ran away with a huge 63-2 win, putting Germany in the 6th place spot.

With extreme amounts of big hits, quick clearances and sublime foot skills day 2 made for great viewing in the men’s competition and come day 3 on Saturday all six teams will be fired up for their final matches.

The 6th placed German Eagles and 5th placed French Coqs will take on AFL London outfits the Wimbledon Hawks and Wandsworth Demons at 9am and 11am respectively on Pitch 2.

The Croatian Knights will take on a strong Irish Warriors squad at 11am on Pitch 1, before the reigning champions the GB Bulldogs take on dark horses the Danish Vikings in the Men’s grand final at 3pm.

Liam McAllion  – AFL Europe