2019 European Championships Squad Preview – Great Britain Swans

Women’s Australian football in Great Britain has taken major strides in 2019.

With successful AFL England, Scotland, Wales and NUL competitions this year, the women representing Great Britain are well prepared and ready to face a pressure filled tournament.

With a wealth of experience and successful recent Euro Cup tournaments for both England and Wales, the future of women’s AFL in Great Britain is very exciting.

The Swans are looking to have a 2016 repeat, where they were crowned European Champions of this tournament, narrowly defeating Ireland in the final.

Aiming to be one of the top European women’s sides again, this Swans team is no short of talent and with their strength around the ground, they will display some high scores for the day.

“There are some really exciting, talented players in this group, who will have people really engaging with ladies football,” said Swans Coach Ian Mitchell.

One major advantage for this Great Britain side is many of the players having experience playing 18 a side football in AFL London.

In one of Europe’s top leagues, the chance to play this style of footy and on bigger grounds, adds a whole lot of experience to this team and could be the edge in the close games of the tournament.

Ian Mitchell talks on the commitment of many of the players and how passionate they are to be a part of AFL Europe, “A lot of the ladies have played in the AFL London competition this year, even if they have had to make five hour or more round trips to do so. They’re a very dedicated bunch!”

With so many players to pick from, choosing a side can be difficult at times, but this side will benefit from this and will showcase some of Europe’s best players.

It also is a chance for many new players to shine on this international level, with 17 of the 24 being national team debutants.

Although an inexperienced side on this stage, the Swans bring some mystery with their lineup, making it hard for the opposition to plan what they are up against.

This Great Britain side have been told to keep their minds on the game in front of them rather than any past glory getting in the way of them concentrating on the footy.

“We aim to put in a good performance this tournament, by sticking to our team principles and learning from any mistakes we make, throughout the day,” said Mitchell.

Trying to keep it simple and sticking to their game plan, the Great Britain Swans will play some classy football to excite the crowd.

With a great combination of strength and agility across the ground, they will be a team to look out for later in the competition, with some of the players knowing how to finish this tournament as champions.

It is an exciting time for women’s football in this part of Europe and with many players, playing in their home country they will be looking to play well, put scoreboard pressure on from the beginning and represent Great Britain proudly.

Liam McAllion –  AFL Europe