AFL Europe launch new community Facebook groups

New homes for the AFL Europe community

AFL Europe is excited to announce the formation of four brand new Facebook ‘Groups’ this afternoon, which aim to help bridge the gaps between the vast European football community.

With players, coaches and umpires spread across the continent from Merseyside to Munich, Oslo to Odense, St Petersburg to Sesvete and everywhere in between, communication and the relaying of effective messaging has often proven difficult. From today, four community groups have been established to facilitate information sharing between; Clubs, Coaches, Umpires and Juniors.

The new groups will be the hub of news, information and conversation for their respective communities and aim to provide stronger links between the entire AFL Europe community, offering opportunities to collaborate outside the boundaries of countries or leagues and in turn, developing individuals, clubs and ultimately Australian Football in Europe.

Lisa Wilson, Game Development Coordinator with AFL Europe, said the groups will provide users with the opportunity to “capitalize on this incredible community we have and try and provide more links between clubs.” an amazing community to be part of with a shared love of this fantastic sport.”

“For those who came to the Champions League competition; whether as a regular or if it was a first AFL Europe tournament, most will likely have been overwhelmed by the number of men & women playing Australian Football of different nationalities across the continent,” she said.

“Perhaps they were amazed to find out that there is a strong men’s league over in Croatia, or that the Port Malmö Lynx women’s team from Sweden and Odense Lions side from Denmark have been playing for long enough that they have developed an intense rivalry. The best aspect of our events is seeing players from different clubs, countries and nationalities connecting; whether this be on the field, from the sidelines, or in the stands and over a beer.”

These Clubs, Coaches, Umpires and Juniors groups will act like forums, providing the ability for;

  • Clubs to share their events
  • Sharing of positive news stories
  • Shout outs e.g. extra players needed, spare beds at tournaments
  • Finding out about everything happening across the AFL Europe Landscape
  • Requesting information from other clubs
  • Collaboration between clubs
  • Asking for help or guidance or experience
  • Searching historic topics

These groups will be monitored to ensure that the content posted in each different community will be appropriate to the topic at hand to ensure they achieve their aim.

You can request to join any of the four groups by clicking the links below: