Leadership & Governance

Ultimately good governance in Australian Rules football is about creating an environment where everyone can participate and succeed and where the values of fairness, respect and sportsmanship are upheld. A well governed League or Club should have clear and transparent rules, well defined policies, and a system for monitoring compliance.  The AFL Europe “Funding Footy” Grants Program will provide financial assistance to Members, Leagues and Clubs who demonstrate a strong commitment to improving governance practices and establishing a culture of transparency and accountability.  Funding will focus on the following criteria:

Criteria 1 – Member / League / Club Incorporation

Costs associated with developing articles of association, constitutions or other legal documentation required for a Member, League, or Club to become incorporated (or legal equivalent) within the local jurisdiction

Criteria 2 – Policy Development & Compliance

Costs associated with developing policies, procedures, rules and regulations to govern Clubs and Leagues

Costs associated with the translation of existing AFL Europe policies, procedures, rules, and regulations into the local language

Criteria 3 – Sustainability

Initiatives that aim to increase the sustainability of Australian Rules football within a local context