AFL Europe Podcast: One Kick Later – Carissa Turner

Welcome to episode twenty-three of the AFL Europe Podcast where Carissa Turner from Wales joins us as part of our One Kick Later series.

Carissa was introduced to Australian footy by her work colleagues in Cardiff, where she first trained with the Panthers.

She shares how welcomed she felt from the get-go and swiftly fell in love with Cardiff’s footy culture and supportive environment. This new found passion was quickly recognised on the field, as Carissa earned her way to represent her country and play for the Wyverns at two Euro Cups, and travel to London for the 2019 European Championships where she lined up for the Great Britain Swans.

Not only has Carissa represented Wales in Australian Football, but also in badminton! Carissa speaks on her time as a top 100 badminton player in the world, travelling across the globe to compete, her experiences at two Commonwealth Games’ and the many differences between the two sports.

Thanks to Carissa for sharing her passion for Australian footy and everything she loves about the Australian Football community in Europe.

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