AFL Europe Podcast: One Kick Later – Effie Senti

Welcome to episode sixteen of the AFL Europe Podcast where we chat to Effie Senti as part of our One Kick Later series.

Effie moved to Hobart, Tasmania as part of her university studies in 2017 where she first found and started playing Australian Football.

Upon returning to Switzerland, she got in contact with the Winterthur Lions and made her way down to training despite being the only female there.

Effie has since taken on roles with AFL Switzerland including secretary, head of women’s development and most recently, president. She is also the founder and president of Switzerland’s newest team, Zurich Giants, and played in the first women’s Swiss national team to compete in AFL Europe’s Euro Cup.

Hear from Effie as she shares her experiences and success in developing women’s participation, what goes on in an AFL Switzerland committee meeting including the importance of sharing ‘footy family’ values, the first-ever Auskick session in Switzerland and simply why she takes her footy everywhere she goes.

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