AFL Europe Trivia #2

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Former Magpie, Alan Didak, has European heritage of which country?

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Which AFLW team had the most wins in season 2020?

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Teams from around the world travel to Australia and compete in what major AFL tournament?

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Which club won the senior's premiership in the 2019 AFL Switzerland season?

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Who won the AFL's Rising Star award in 2019?

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How many Marcus Ashcroft Medal’s (best on ground in AFL's QClash between Gold Coast & Brisbane) has Irish star Pearce Hanley won?

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Who is AFL Europe’s official Ball Partner in 2020?

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Which men’s side won AFL Europe’s European Championships in 2019?

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Out of these four past AFL players, who has the most career games played?

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Irish Collingwood women’s star Sarah Rowe averaged how many disposals per game in season 2020?

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