AFL Europe Trivia with Belushi’s – #10

Think you’re the smartest Australian Football fan in Europe?

Take on our weekly AFL Europe Trivia, presented by Belushi’s, for your chance to win a Beer and Burger Voucher to redeem at any Belushi’s Bar.

Winner’s from each week’s Trivia will also go into the draw to win 2-night’s Accommodation For Two People at any St. Christopher’s Inns across Europe.

You’ve only got one shot and just three minutes to complete it!

Submissions must be in by Wednesday 24th of June 11:59PM (BST) to be eligible to win.

The winner will have the highest score in the quickest time.

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QUIZ #10

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Who won the women’s European Championships in 2016?

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Which AFL team in Europe wears this guernsey?

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Tadgh Kennelly had a career high of how many disposals?

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What is the total number of umpires on the field (excluding emergencies) in an AFL game?

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The AFL Europe Talent Combine is held in which city?

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Fraser Gehrig, who played 260 games for West Coast & St Kilda, was well-known as the...?

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Which venue held the first AFLW grand final?

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Who is the current captain of the Melbourne Demons?

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Which player led the league in tackles in the 2019 AFL season (finals included)?

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Steele Sidebottom has heritage from which European country?

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