Women’s Football

The AFL Europe “Funding Footy” Grants Program will provide financial assistance to women’s football initiatives and projects that remove barriers to entry and promote female participation in all aspects of Australian Rules football including playing, coaching, umpiring and administering the game. Funding will focus on the following criteria:

Criteria 1 – Safe & Inclusive Environments

Education projects or initiatives aimed at providing a safe and inclusive environment for female footballers

Costs associated with providing female specific safety equipment, venue access or resources that would improve player safety and/or remove barriers to inclusivity

Criteria 2 – Off-Field Development

Projects or initiatives that aim to recruit new, or develop existing female coaches, umpires, and administrators

Criteria 3 – New Team Kit & Equipment

Female specific kit and equipment including playing kit and footballs (size 4) where a new women’s team is being established alongside an existing men’s team.

* Standalone women’s Clubs are encouraged to apply under the New Club funding category

Purchase of alternative options to white shorts where a team is already established and has white shorts included as part of their current playing kit

Criteria 4 – Promotion, Participation & Engagement

Female specific promotion and engagement initiatives to increase awareness and participation in existing women’s football programs