Youth Football

The AFL Europe “Funding Footy” Grants Program will  provide financial assistance to youth football initiatives and projects that encourage participation, skill acquisition, and developing a lifelong love for the sport amongst young athletes. Funding will focus on the following criteria :

Criteria 1 – Safeguarding / Safe & Inclusive Environments

Costs associated with developing and implementing safeguarding and child protection policies and guidelines compliant to local laws and regulations

Costs associated with performing relevant background / child protection checks that are compliant with local laws and regulations (e.g., DBS Checks) on coaches and officials who will be working with children or vulnerable adults

Costs associated with youth football coaches, officials or umpires attending relevant training and / or professional development in relation to youth sport

Costs associated with other projects or initiatives that promote a safe and inclusive environment for youth footballers

Criteria 2 – Youth Kit & Equipment

Age specific kit and equipment including playing kit, footballs and portable goals specifically used for youth football

Criteria 3 – New Program Development

Costs associated with the planning, development and implementation of new youth football programs based at existing Clubs or within local schools and community groups

Criteria 4 – Promotion, Participation & Engagement

Age specific promotion and engagement initiatives to increase awareness and participation in existing youth football programs