Aksel’s Diary – Preparation for my debut

After a relaxing day off I was more than ready to have a Wednesday with a bit of training.

We stared out with a training session at Skoda stadium where the Giants usually play their home games. This great venue is also where they take on the Adelaide Crows next Sunday. It was a good training and a very hard session where we got to do skills, tackling, spoiling and goal kicking. Besides that we had a really intense handball game and 18 v 18 at the end.

After the session we had a great ice-bath and lunch before we headed back to the club for weights and Pilates.

In the evening the whole team went out to a great restaurant called Noi Dui for an amazing dinner.

Thursday was a bit more relaxing but we still had to do a boxing session which was really hard on your shoulders but still was a lot of fun. After that we went straight to weight training where the main focus was on the upper body region.

We were also told which team we are going to play with on the weekend and I’m going to play for the NEAFL team against Sydney Swans on Sunday before the Seniors take on the Adelaide Crows.

The NEAFL are going to play out in Blacktown were I have played before with the The Danish Vikings during IC11 and scored my first goal for our national team. I already have great memories from this oval and after next Sunday I’ll have many more.

Thanks for everyones support and messages on Facebook.