All teams confirmed for 2014 Axios Euro Cup

With all teams now having confirmed their attendance at the 2014 Axios Euro Cup it is officially the biggest in history. This year we will see 16 men’s and 5 women’s teams battling it out for the title of 2014 Axios Euro Cup champions.


  • Swedish Elks
  • Austrian Avalanche
  • Norwegian Trolls
  • Denmark Vikings
  • France Les Coqs
  • Catalunya Llops
  • Scottish Clansmen
  • Spanish Bulls
  • Flying Dutchmen
  • Irish Warriors
  • England Dragonslayers
  • Croatian Knights
  • Welsh Dragons
  • European Crusaders
  • German Black Eagles
  • Italia Azzurri


  • France Les Gauloises
  • Irish Banshees
  • Denmark Valkyies
  • England Vixens
  • Scottish Sirens

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the newcomers including the English Vixens, Danish Valkyries and the Scottish Sirens.  We wish all teams good luck for this year’s competition and hope you enjoy the 2014 Axios Euro Cup.


#axioseurocup #euroreps