Australia take out the 8th annual Anzac Cup  

The 8th annual Anzac Cup took place on the weekend in the incredible town of Villers-Bretonneux, France. This commemorative event takes place every year, on the very grounds in which the Australian’s played an important part in reclaiming the town from the Germans 98 years ago. It may not be as long running as the annual Essendon v Collingwood Anzac clash but the bond forged year after year between the teams is immeasurable.

2016 saw the first full women’s match take place at Stadium Timmerman. Improving on Australian numbers from last year, the Australian Spirit took on the French National Women’s team in the 9-a-side match. Whilst the match was hard fought the Aussies came out on top. With the French donning a few last minute injuries, Aussie player Anna Pitt, who is currently playing for the ALFA Lions in Lyon, showed incredible sportsmanship by jumping over to the French team to the round the numbers.

All players went out and gave it all their all, playing with unbelievable spirit, however, the Best on Ground honours went to Belinda Jolly for Australia and Camille Portal for France.

Q1       AUS     3.6.24             FRA     0.1.1

Q2       AUS     7.9.51             FRA     0.3.3

Q3       AUS     11.10.76         FRA     0.5.5

Q4       AUS     16.11.107      FRA     0.5.5

AUS GOAL KICKERS: Emma-Jane Pinyon 7, Hayley ‘Noodle’ Canton 3, Belinda Jolly 2, Sarah Townsend 2, Gemma Kaslar 1, Jessie Hayes 1.


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The men’s match begun with the Australian’s holding four wins to the French’s three, over the course of the Anzac Cup. After the amount of spirit the women’s match was played in, the anticipation was high for the men’s match. With the Australian team being made up of those connected to the Anzacs, WWW and the Picardie region, the nature of the game was more about camaraderie than winning. The passionate match had the Aussie’s take home their 5th Anzac Cup win and a bond that will last a lifetime.

The teams fought hard and had a relatively even spread across the board, however, Australian, Ben Quick managed to come off the backline and kick 10 goals, earning himself Best on Ground. Frenchman, Herve Desjardin earned the same honours with his aggressive and skilled approach to the game.

Q1       AUS     5.3.33             FRA     1.1.7

Q2       AUS     9.7.61             FRA     4.4.28

Q3       AUS     18.9.117         FRA     6.6.42

Q4       AUS     22.11.143      FRA     8.10.58

AUS GOAL KICKERS: Ben Quick 10, Tom Rischbieth 4, Augustine Patti 3, Gerard Bourke 2, Josh Walker 1, Phil Zadona 1, Terry Unitt 1.

FRA GOAL KICKERS: Max Favero 2, Florian Vidal 2, Vincent Monnier 2, Baudouin Germond 1, Julien Dagois 1.

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A huge thank you to our Anzac umpires, Brent Kanowski and Nilss Lode, who did an excellent job on both matches. Also a special mention goes to our enthusiastic and vibrant goal umpires, Jay Treloar and Mitchell Thompson who also excelled in both the men’s and women’s matches.

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