Axios Euro Cup 2013

In what is shaping as the biggest Euro Cup in history with the addition of our naming rights sponsor Axios we hope you are all ready for September 21st in Bordeaux. The local organising committee from the Bordeaux Bomber has been hard at work securing deals at accommodation across the city. Please follow the link for the information booklet of all the options.

Axios Euro Cup 2013 – Hotels

Axios Euro Cup 2013 – Travel Information

Euro Cup – APPENDIX I – Team entry form – FINAL 2013

Euro Cup – APPENDIX II – Application for eligibility exemption – FINAL 2013

Player Eligibility
For Countries who have competed in the EU Cup/Euro Cup on any previous occasion, a player is eligible if he meets the following criteria.
1) The Player was predominantly resident in the country of the league between 10 and 16 years of age subject to the qualification in sub clause A below.
2) The Player is a citizen of the country of the league at the time when the competition is conducted, subject to the qualification in sub clause A below.
3) The Player is not under suspension in that Player’s local competition during the period of the competition.

Sub Clause A
AFL Europe may on a case by case basis, waive the eligibility requirements if it is satisfied that a player is a bona fide resident in the country of the league and his participation would be in the best interests of the competition. Submissions in this regard must be made by lodging a player Eligibility form, which are available on above. Any player who has previously obtained exemption must apply again in 2013.

Both the Team registration form and the Player exemption form have to be sent back before the 30th of August.

Everyone must register on Eventbrite before the 8th of September:
Eventbrite - Axios Euro Cup 2013
The registration fee includes the dinner at the post event function, the event T-shirt and the insurance for the players.

We are organizing a coach/bus from Paris to Bordeaux. Any team interested in the bus trip departing from Paris – either on Thursday 19th or Friday 20th – and returning on Sunday please let us know before the 30th of August about your preferred times for these dates so we can figure out the best option for everyone.

Any volunteer to help during the event can register on Eventbrite and contact the organization team in Bordeaux at this email address:

More details to follow as the event gets closer.