Belushi’s Presents: Player Spotlight – Amine Ramdani

Belushi’s Presents: Player Spotlight

Amine Ramdani

Each week, AFL Europe in combination with Belushi’s will take a look at one of our star players competing in fixtures across the continent in Player Spotlight. 

Will Taylor – AFL Europe

An IT Engineer by trade yet a spirited sporting star come game day, Amine Ramdani is not your typical Australian Rules footballer.

After travelling to Australia in 2010 where he was exposed to the nation’s most popular football code, the Parisian wanted to give the sport a chance in his home country.

“I was impressed by the game in general, the atmosphere playing 100% to win the game. So once I came back to France and I heard about footy, I gave it a try.”

Representing the Paris Cockerels, Amine soon found his place in the game through his impressive aerobic capacity.

Using his stamina as one of his strengths, the 27-year old has developed a liking for playing in the forward line using both his pace and class to his advantage.

It’s this advantage he has used for not just the Paris Cockerels but for the multiple sides he has represented.

“I usually play as a forward and can be faster than taller guys. I played for a year in Finland with the Helsinki Heatseekers, so discovering travelling around the country was nice. We played against different team with different level but we always have fun at the end.”

“I had the privilege to play for the Australian team at Villers Bretonneux for the ANZAC Cup with my Aussie friends, and this is one of the best memories I have so far.”

Now a North London Lion, there is no doubt that Amine has been able to experience the game on a truly international scale.

But despite all his experiences and time within the game, 2018 has been a very special year for North London’s star recruit.

In challenging circumstances playing in a competitive competition, Amine has shown some incredible physical and mental strength to play the game during an important period on his calendar.

“This year has been special as I played my first entire game while fasting”

“During one month (Ramadan), Muslims have to fast (no food/no water) from the sunrise to the sunset. We try to not change our habits during this month and that’s why I wanted to play.”

“It has been tough though without water but I made it and even scored my first goals.”

It is this commitment to the game that makes Amine such a popular and well-respected individual wherever he goes in the AFL Europe community.

As his coach Chris Dobson explains, Amine is an absolute professional both on and off the field.

“Amine has been a great addition to our club, both on the field as a player and off the field educating our players and coaches about his culture and religion.”

“To play the way he did while fasting was a credit to him, he didn’t want to miss out on any action! The North London Lions are lucky to have him!”

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