Belushi’s Presents: Player Spotlight – Florian Naumann

Each week, AFL Europe in combination with Belushi’s will take a look at one of our star players competing in fixtures across the continent in Player Spotlight. 

With high aspirations in all sports throughout his life Florian Naumann has always set the bar high.

Florian always seems to reach these tough goals and even go one step further, doing exactly this playing AFL in Germany.

Growing up in Germany, Florian was a part of the more popular sports of the country, of soccer and handball as a goalkeeper and hadn’t thought of playing Australian football.

Travelling the world and eventually Australia, Florian discovered this new sport and fell in love, feeling it was a combination of techniques that fitted his attributes perfectly.

“I love the mix of using hands and feet and the toughness of tackling. There is no space for acting or diving. Of course the fitness is a great result too. One of the biggest factors off-field is the family culture and worldwide network of nice people which I haven’t experienced like this in any other sports,” said Florian.

Finding this new found passion in 2006, Florian went back to Germany, not thinking this new sport would be so big in his home country.

Since then, the Hamburg Dockers have become one of Europe’s top AFL destinations and Florian has been a big reason to their success, being a great leader on and off the field for the last eight years.

Having some success in Hamburg, Florian through his experience has become a great leader for his side, now representing his country as the German Eagles Captain in all of the major AFL Europe tournaments.

Becoming the national side’s captain, helping to coach local women’s teams and even running sessions for people new to the game, Florian is someone that everyone would want at their club and does so much towards the success of AFL in Germany.

Now playing the game for an impressive amount of time, Florian has developed his game and feels not only can his skills help the side he is in but also his leadership.

“I think my strengths include the smart use of my height in contests and my jumping and timing ability also helping me to read the play well. That’s why my job is always to organize the group setting up from behind the ball and anticipating what is going to happen next,” said Florian.

Being consistently seen as a top tier player of Europe is a hard feat for anyone, but Florian continues to improve and add to his many accolades.

Playing in the Euro Cup each year for Germany, Florian was voted into the Team of the Tournament in both the 2014 and 2016 events, leading Germany to gain a silver medal during this time.

Winning the AFLG men’s premiership three times is also impressive for Florian who seems to always have success and helps everyone around him become better, which is ideal to have in any sporting environment.

Being one of the top players in AFL Europe, Florian is an exciting talent and as he continues to find ways to improve, he has been a great ambassador and leader for the growth of AFL in Germany and will continue this for many years to come.

Special thanks to Belushi’s for helping grow the game in Europe

Liam McAllion – AFL Europe