Belushi’s Presents: Player Spotlight – Laura Turner-Ramadan

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Born in Coventry and living in England for a large part of her life, AFL wasn’t the highest of priorities for Laura Turner-Ramadan and the area she lived in.

A P.E teacher during the week and playing soccer for much of her life, Laura and sport have always been a great pairing.

Laura’s passion for Australian football began during a year abroad in Sydney, when she started her career playing for the Sydney University Bombers.

Luckily for Laura, when returning to England, the Australian football team of the England Vixens was in full swing and her local club the Nottingham Scorpions were even building towards their very own women’s team.

Laura was so adamant on playing that she would train with the Scorpions men’s side when she could and with her driven personality, she gradually helped attract more women to the club which now boasts a successful women’s side.

“I fell in love with it and as the women’s game just kept evolving, it has continued to captivate and inspire me to want to continue playing and developing the sport and my skills.”

Laura today has made many close friends through her playing career in England, with various teams and countless events.

Playing for the Nottingham Scorpions and North London Lions at club level, and representing her country for the England Vixens and the Great Britain Swans, Laura certainly has quite the resume.

This experience and skill has taken Laura to great heights, where she is the captain of the English national side and is seen as a great leader among her peers.

With the emergence of the AFLW competition in Australia, Laura has had the pleasure of seeing a new generation of women begin their football careers with a strong set of inspirational role models to look up to.

“The implementation of the AFLW has had a big impact on me, watching women playing at the top level and seeing their improvement reinforces just how much women’s skills can develop in a short period of time. Of course with the necessary dedication to training, having easy access to games and social media, has made AFLW a real inspiration for me!”

Thanks to a successful 2018 season with the Nottingham Scorpions, Laura was able to join her Scorpion women’s teammates taking part in the Champions League in Amsterdam, where the best Australian football teams in Europe go head to head each year.

“The Champions league in Amsterdam these past few years has been awesome! The sunny weather certainly helped, but I just love the whole day. It’s a great experience playing with your club in that environment and we had some great days and nights involved with the event.”

The sport of Australian Football has certainly brought some excitement and adventure to Laura’s life and opened up many opportunities that she will cherish forever.

“One of the best experiences was the International Cup in 2017. Running through a banner made by the students at a local high school in Melbourne and then beating Fiji in a tough game in front of the whole school was pretty special… and appearing on Fox Footy’s show, AFL 360, with Gerard and Robbo, was also a lifetime highlight!”


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