Belushi’s Presents: Player Spotlight – Martin Krichler

Put forward to us by his football coach Matt Murray, Martin Krichler of the Frankfurt Redbacks has been described as one of the most improved Australian Football players in Germany.

A German national team representative, Martin has impressed his teammates and opponents alike with his superb attitude and dedication to the sport.

In 2018, the Redback decided that he wanted to become a fitness machine in the hope of playing every game of the season.

As a result his season to date has been extremely impressive as he has helped the Frankfurt Redbacks become a very competitive team in a very tough competition.

It’s this supreme motivation and contribution to his club that has given his coach many reasons to smile this season.

“With only 2 games remaining in the season it looks that he will likely claim the elusive award of, “Iron Redback” for playing every game of the season (including trial and inter-club matches)” Murray said.

“Marty even organised a holiday trip to Iran around footy games, flying out the night after a game in Cologne then arriving back especially on Friday night before we traveled up to Hamburg to contest a tournament.”

What makes Martin’s passion for the sport so impressive can be seen through the vast distances he travels to play this foreign game.

Despite living over 120km’s away from Frankfurt in Würzburg, according to his coach he still manages to make almost every training session.

This sacrifice has clearly paid dividends during this season, as shown in one crucial clash against the Munich Kangaroos earlier this season.

“For me as his coach, his commitment to fitness, training and the club was epitomised during last game against the Munich Kangaroos.”

“In the final quarter, we were down by over 8 goals when one of the best and fastest players from the opposition picked up the ball in open space and looked like he was going to open the game up and drive the ball into their forward line.”

“Martin took chase and sprinted after this player. Just as the player was about to kick away, Martin launched himself and made a goal-saving tackle and I couldn’t be more proud of him in this moment.”

As a footballer and as a clubman, 2018 has been a terrific year for Martin that has been appreciated by both his club and his opponents alike.

Will Taylor – AFL Europe