Belushi’s Presents: Player Spotlight – Pierre Boscart

 Each week, AFL Europe will take a look at one of our star players competing in fixtures across the continent in Player Spotlight, proudly presented by Belushi’s. 

With a passion for sport already and a love of mate-ship in a team environment, Pierre Boscart’s friend introduced him to the game of Australian Football and since this introduction six years ago, he has never looked back.

Moving to Paris for work, Pierre and his friend wanted to try something new and the overall connection he felt when finding the Paris Cockerels team was something that he knew he had to be apart of.

“My friend Bushy had discovered AFL during a trip in Australia and found out about the Paris Cocks club. We liked the easy going, family-like spirit of the club. Also, we quickly had the opportunity of playing games and having fun.”

Concentrating on the emotional side of the game and just wanting to enjoy the sport in a team sense, Pierre’s attitude on reasons for playing and feeling at home with the Paris Cockerels are humbling.

“I liked the spirit of the team and of the club. There were many experienced players who taught me a lot. Also, being tall, I managed to have a lot of fun in the ruck and full forward positions.”

From starting off as a simple way to have some fun with mates and enjoy being part of a team, this choice to play Australian football has taken Pierre to many events around the world.

With experience, leadership and overall skill, Pierre was selected as Captain for the French national side where he played in the ANZAC Cup.

From honouring diggers in Villers-Bretonneux in a match against Australia to heading to the biggest AFL hub in the world, Melbourne, for the International Cup 2017, Pierre has played against teams involving the best international players in the world.

“International Cup 2017, in Melbourne, was an amazing experience. As it involved each day of one whole month concentrated on footy and playing with and against great players… and my favourite place to play would be Villers-Bretonneux in France, where I have had the honor of representing France, in the ANZAC Cup.”

Tall and with great leaping ability, Pierre has many attributes that are perfect for the Australian game, playing full forward and ruck he is never too far from the action and always trying to use his height to his advantage.

“Thanks to my height, I often am the key target in the forward line, although my teammates wish I was more effective in marking the ball! But once I get the ball, I manage to kick to goal most of the time.”

With a great start to the French Australian Football 2018-19 season in the CNFA, his statistics definitely can back him up.

Playing four games only so far this season, Pierre has booted 14 goals for the Paris Cockerels and will look to improve his tally to a massive total through the rest of the season and the tournaments around Europe this year.

With a wealth of experience behind him, Pierre has come a long way from not even knowing about this sport six years ago.

With his experience and willingness to help this game grow in his country and ones surrounding, Pierre isa fantastic advocate for this game overseas and is sure to have an exciting 2019 in store for him.


Liam McAllion – AFL Europe