England win the Axios Euro Cup 2013

Michael McCormick

A merciless England outfit have upset the host nation to win the 2013 Axios Euro Cup in Bordeaux on Saturday. The inaugural win for England follows a very strong showing at the European Championships in August, in which many of the players represented the runners up, the GB Bulldogs, who lost by a solitary point to home team, Ireland.

Their opponents, France, made the final via a upset win over defending champions, Ireland, and then a comfortable win over Italy in the semi-final. This was the host nation’s first Grand Final and best placing in an international competition.

Four injuries early in the match didn’t help their cause as England dominated all over the ground early in the match, and went in to half time with a 39 point lead.

France came out firing in the second half but all of their opportunities seemed to fall in England’s favour as the visitors extended their lead via the boot of full forward Lee Tarn and goal sneak Jack Wood. Sean Walton was putting on a dominant display in the midfield and the back line was rebounding everything that came their way.

Full Back, Graham Bickerdike’s attempts to put off his opponent kicking for goal earned him the nickname of ‘the chicken’ with the commentary team.

“He looks like a clucking chicken flapping his wings out there,” stated AFL Europe General Manager, Ben MacCormack. “We’ve never seen anything like this, but it’s proving to be effective.”

England full forward, Lee Tarn was awarded the best player in the Grand Final, earning the accolade with a 7 goal haul, the most goals scored by any individual in a Euro Cup Grand Final.

England will be looking to build on their win in 2013 and go back to back next year in a yet to be determined location.