Euro Cup 2017 Fixtures


The 2017 Euro Cup in Bordeaux is fast-approaching!

14 men’s and 7 women’s will be contesting for the title of Euro Cup Champions.

The teams contesting the men’s title will be the Croatian Knights, Irish Warriors, England Dragonslayers, German Eagles, French Coqs, Welsh Red Dragons, Austrian Avalanches, Scottish Clansmen, Flying Dutchmen, Swedish Elks, Jerusalem Peace Lions, Russian Czars, Czech Republic Dragons and Swiss Mountain Cocks.

The teams contesting the women’s title will be the England Vixens, Irish Banshees, Croatian Queens, French Gaulouises, Swedish Ravens, Scottish Sirens and Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries.

The men’s draw features four Pools. Two Pool consisting of 3 teams and two Pools consisting on 4 teams.

The women’s draw features two Pools. One Pool consisting of 3 teams and one Pool consisting of 4 teams.

Both draws were ranked and graded based off teams performances at the three previous Euro Cups.

Good luck to all teams competing in #EuroCup17

Men’s Pools

Pool APool BPool CPool D
German EaglesIrish WarriorsCroatian KnightsEngland Dragonslayers
Austrian AvalanchesScottish ClansmenFrench CoqsWelsh Red Dragons
Jerusalem Peace LionsFlying DutchmenRussian CzarsSwedish Elks
Swiss Mountain CocksCzech Republic Dragons

Women’s Pools

Women’s AWomen’s B
Irish BansheesEngland Vixens
Croatian QueensFrench Gaulouises
Swedish RavensScottish Sirens
Welsh Wyverns/Danish Valkyries



Pitch 1Pitch 2Pitch 3Pitch 4
9:00amGerman Eagles v Austrian AvalanchesJerusalem Peace Lions v Swiss Mountain CocksFrench Coqs v Czech Republic DragonsCroatian Knights v Russian Czars
9:40amScottish Sirens v Welsh Wyverns/Danish ValkyriesEngland Vixens v French GaulouisesIrish Banshees v Croatian QueensBREAK
10:20amEngland Dragonslayer v Welsh Red DragonsIrish Warriors v Scottish ClansmenRussian Czars v Czech Republic DragonsCroatian Knights v French Coqs
11:00amFrench Gaulouises v Welsh Wyverns/Danish ValkyriesEngland Vixens v Scottish SirensGerman Eagles v Jerusalem Peace LionsAustrian Avalanches v Swiss Mountain Cocks
11:40amCroatian Queens v Swedish RavensScottish Clansmen v Flying DutchmenWelsh Red Dragons v Swedish ElksBREAK
12:20pmFrench Coqs v Russian CzarsCroatian Knights v Czech Republic DragonsGerman Eagles v Swiss Mountain CocksAustrian Avalances v Jerusalem Peace Lions
1:00pmIrish Warriors v Flying DutchmenFrench Gaulouises v Scottish SirensEngland Vixens v Welsh Wyverns/Danish ValkyriesEngland Dragonslayers v Swedish Elks
1:40pmIrish Banshees v Swedish RavensBREAKBREAKBREAK
2:30pmMen’s Plate QF2 (12v13)Men’s Plate QF1 (11v14)Women’s Plate Game 1 (B3vB4)BREAK
3:00pm Men’s Cup QF3 (C1vB2)Men’s Cup QF2 (B1vC2)Men’s Cup QF1 (A1vD2)Men’s Cup QF4 (D1vA2)
3:30pmMen’s Plate SF2 (10v11/14)Men’s Plate SF1 (9v12/13)Women’s Plate Game 2 (A3vB4)BREAK
4:00pmWomen’s Semi-Final 2 (B1vA2)Women’s Semi-Final 1 (A1vB2)Men’s Bowl SF1 (L1vL2)Men’s Bowl SF2 (L3vL4)
4:30pmMen’s Cup Semi-Final 2 (winner QF3 v winner QF4)Men’s Cup Semi-Final 1 (winner QF1 v winner QF2)Men’s 11th P/OMen’s 13th P/O
5:00pmMen’s Plate Final (9th P/O)Women’s 3rd P/OMen’s 7th P/OWomen’s Plate Game 3 (A3vB3)
5:30pmMen’s Bowl Final (5th P/O)Men’s 3rd P/OBREAKBREAK
6:00pmWomen’s Cup FinalBREAKBREAKBREAK
6:30pmMen’s Cup FinalBREAKBREAKBREAK