First block of Coach Development Series finished, new Coaching Mentor Program

The first block of online sessions in AFL Europe’s Coach Development Series with anzuk Education has concluded, taking a short break before continuing next month.

The short break will allow the 200+ coaches that attended the first four webinars to go over their learnings and prepare for the resumption of the series in May.

For each community club throughout Europe, having one club representative attend all four of these sessions has added to their chance of winning £500 worth of footballs, as per AFL Europe’s Quality Club Program.

So far in the series, we have been privileged to be joined by four elite coaches and mentors; Andrew Horsfield, Jack Barry, Dr. Brooke Patterson and Leigh Clarke.

Our special guests, all who are from Australia, presented to our coaches covering the topics of Peak Performance, Building Relationships, Injury Prevention and Coaching Basic Skills, respectively.

We’re excited to share that the end of the first block of sessions has helped inspire the launch of AFL Europe’s Coaching Mentor Program.

The coaches who attended the first four sessions of the Coach Development Series have been placed in groups consisting of up to 14 other coaches, including one Level 2 coach, from across Europe.

All coaches are encouraged to engage online with their fellow group members to learn and develop their own skills, whilst also helping their peers and the growth of Australian footy in Europe.

“Regardless of whether you are the most experienced Australian Football coach in Europe or the least experienced, you can always learn from other coaches and you can always be teaching other coaches,” said AFL Europe General Manager, Ryan Davey.

“The Coaching Mentor Program will encourage our coaches to interact with their group members through video calls, messages and other forms of communication to extract as much information and learnings from one another as possible. This program will also ensure we create strong relationships within our coaching network.

“The level of engagement and commitment to this year’s Coach Development Series has been outstanding, and we hope to see that continue through this new program to benefit the growth and skill development of Australian Football in Europe.

“Special thanks to AFL Europe’s Education Partner, anzuk Education, for bringing the Coach Development Series to life.”

As mentioned earlier, the Coach Development Series is set to resume in May but will now take place on Sunday mornings. All coaches who attended the first first four sessions will receive an email with the details for our fifth session of the series in the coming weeks.

New coaches are still welcome to register into the series. Please email your interest to

Jackson Jones – AFL Europe