French Team Player Profiles

 Name: Jérome Canonici


Age: 31

Size: 1.80 m

Team: Firesharks Herault Montpellier club

Jersey number: I don’t have a specific one, sometimes 82

Position: Usually in defense

Why and when I started playing: I started in 2008. I wanted to discover another sport, but I also wanted to keep an oval ball.

Expectations for IC: Qualifying for the first group and going as far as possible in the competition

Best footy memory: This season, for the team spirit and the determination and will power of our group.



 Name: Thomas Depondt


Age: 25

Size: 1.87 m

Team: Alfa Lions (Lyon)

Jersey Number: 3

Position: Ruckman

Why and when I started playing: I tried for the first time during my travel around Australia. We worked in a farm close to Port Lincoln (SA), and the farmer was an old footy player still following footy, his passion. So we played one game and we loved that, so we played the end of the season (6 games).

Best Footy Memory: Supporting the Bombers, we went to Patterson stadium in Perth to watch this big contest against the Dockers. That was an exciting game and my first time at a big stadium for an AFL game. In the end the Bombers won by 3 points.



 Name : Clément Coste


Age: 29

Size: 1.93 m

Team : Montréal Demons (Québec, Canada)

Jersey Number : Demons = 6 ; France = 26

Position : Ruck

Why and when I started playing: Like many Frenchmen, a trip in Australia in 2009, allowed me to discover footy through television.

I had the privilege of playing 3 matches with the Bordeaux bombers where I secured 3 victories against Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse as a ruck man. In Quebec Canada, I played with the Montreal Demons right at the beginning of the 2013 season. Elected best on ground on the 4th round of the AFL Quebec; I made the 2013 all stars team.

This sport is extremely complete physically. It offers me the possibility of practicing a sport without any stoppage, be constantly in the air and on the ground and be ready to take a hit and tackle again in return. Australian Football allows me to constantly run every quarter and to give the maximum of my abilities

Expectations for IC: In 2014, and more precisely August, I will be having the honour of representing my country and the privilege of sharing a brotherly moment among 30 people. I want France to be represented by 18 players on the pitch that want to give their all with a heart on fire. My objective is to bring to France everything it can take out of me.

Best Footy Memory: My 3rd footy game: Against Toulouse, in December 2012 with the Bordeaux team, we delivered a complete game and we left with our head held high with a beautiful victory.

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