IC14 Play offs and Grand Final fixture update

The competition is heating up in Melbourne at the AFLIC14 with play offs and the much anticipated mens and womens grand final this weekend.  As confirmed the Irish Banshees will take on the Canada Northern lights and the Irish Warriors will face PNG on saturday.

Don’t forget all matches played on Friday and Saturday will be streamed live through the IC14 website at www.aflic14.com.au. 


Friday 22nd August Play Offs

Ransford Oval

9:00 am Division 2 Japan v Finland

11:00am 3 v 4 women’s

1:00pm  3 v 4 (3rd place playoff) NZ v South Africa

McAlister Oval

9:00am (Div 2) Sweden v China

11:00am 7 v 8 USA v Nauru

1:00pm 5 v 6 (Div 1) Canada v Tonga

3:00pm  17 v 18  Indonesia v India

Western Oval 

9:00am 5 v 6 women’s

11:00am 9 v 10  Fiji v GB

1:00pm  Division 2 Pakistan v France

Saturday 23rd August Grand Final day

Richmond FC- Punt Road

2:10pm Womens IC14 Grand Final Ireland v  Canada Northern Lights


4:50pm Mens IC14 Grand Final  Ireland v PNG

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