IC17 Player Spotlight – Jakob Jung

Each week AFL Europe is profiling a European player who is participating in IC17 and finding out a little more about them, how they got into the great game of Aussie Rules and how they feel about the upcoming International Cup. 


Jakob Jung


Stuttgart Emus



What position do you play?


AFL team you support & your favourite AFL player?

Brisbane Lions even though they loose nearly every single game and Richmond Tigers. My favourite players are Todd Banfield and Trent Cotchin.

How did you find out about AFL?

I’ve been to Australia for an exchange student program and stayed on Bribie Island for a year. One of my best mates over there played for Queensland and took me to practice one day. The next day I joined the club, the Bribie Bulldogs and played one season for the Under 18’s.

How long have you been playing for?

Since 2010, so round about for 7 years.

What is the highlight of your playing career so far?

My career highlight are definitely the nominations for the European Legion squad. The practice with the best young blokes of Australia and Europe was just superb and I have learned so much. Another highlight was being part of the curtain raiser of the AFL game in London between Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs. But also reaching third place with the German Eagles in last year’s European Championship and representing my country as a captain of the national team is a thing I’m very proud of.

Who is the toughest player you have played on & why? 

Playing against the AIS-Guns I have to say that Isaac Heeney is by far the toughest and best player I have ever played on. His speed, his agility, his skills were just over the moon. The toughest player in Europe is probably Aksel Bang (best name ever!) from Denmark. He is a really short grown guy, but you should never underestimate him. His strength and his will to succeed is admirable.

Who is the player to watch in your team & why?

Ruben Streicher is a hell of a rock. You don’t want to play against him and definitely not get tackled by him.

Have you visited Australia before & what are you most excited about seeing?

As I said before, I lived on Bribie Island for a year and visited Australia two more times since then. I’m really looking forward to catch up with some mates, who are coming down to Melbourne for a game. But the biggest thing will be leading the German Eagles on an Australian ground as a captain. It just can’t get better than this.

Any other interesting information, quirky stories or interesting things about yourself?

When I went back to Germany in 2010, my best mate Greeny told me that I have to play AFL in Germany, too. I just laughed at him and told him, that there is no AFL in Germany. Well, as it turned out, I was wrong. Two hours later he sent me the contact details of the Stuttgart Emus and the AFLG. Thank god for that!