IC17 Round 2 Match Reports

Round 2 of the 2017 AFL International Cup saw our 8 European teams spread across Victoria as part of the IC’s School Round. Our teams were graciously hosted by St Patricks, Peninsula Grammar, Wesley College, Eltham College, Mentone Grammar, and St Francis Xavier for their second matches of the two-week IC Tournament.

This round also saw the first head-to-head Euro clashes with the European Crusaders taking on the Irish Banshees in the first match of the day. The Banshees continued their winning streak with a 62 point victory over the Crusaders, but the points were hard fought for and the Crusaders showed a dramatic improvement in just the few short days since they were defeated by PNG in Round 1.

The Great Britain Bulldogs suffered a disappointing loss to Canada today, which came as a surprise to many after their strong victory over South Africa in Round 1. The Bulldogs were off to a slow start and copped the worst of some difficult weather conditions, but turned things around and trailed by just five points when the siren blew at three-quarter time. The Bulldogs continued to fight hard in the final quarter but Canada ran out winners with a final score of 33-18.

Great Britain’s female counterparts, the GB Swans, scored their second victory of the competition today with a tough defeat over Fiji at Peninsula Grammar. The Swans managed to stay slightly ahead on the scoreboard throughout the entire match and after an extremely physical game, they celebrated a 33-24 win. With two wins under their belt, the Swans have now earned themselves a place in next week’s semi-finals.

The Croatian Knights earned their first win of the tournament today when they took on the Indonesia Garudas at Eltham College. The Knights put their best foot forward after a devastating one point loss to China on Sunday, and claimed control of the match from the first siren. The Garudas made a solid effort at a comeback in the third quarter but the Knights rose to the challenge and when the final siren blew, the scoreboard read 91-12 in favour of the Croatians.

In the second double Euro clash of the day, the French Coqs took on the Irish Warriors in Division 1 of the men’s competition. Both sides performed spectacularly well but it was the more experienced Irish side who took home the 65 point win. The Coqs put up a huge fight in the third quarter and will be looking to draw on that performance and get their first victory when they take on Nauru on Saturday.

The final match of the day saw the German Eagles take on India in Division 2 of the men’s competition. The Eagles were on a roll after starting the tournament off with a bang on Sunday with a big win against Pakistan, and continued their streak today with a 86-9 win over India. The Germans used their impressive collective height to their advantage and kicked 12 goals despite some temperamental weather conditions and the defence from India. They’ll aim to use this momentum to win their third match against Japan this weekend.

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