IC17 Team Announcement – French Coqs

What’s been happening since European Championships in 2016? – include Euro Cup, domestic competitions, or other tournaments you’ve attended.

The French team improved once again at the Euro Cup last year, finishing in fifth place. The recent ANZAC Cup was also a clear sign of the improvement, having surprised the Australian team by an even first quarter, however, failing to take their chances in front of goal meant that the Australians would over-run the home team, particularly in the third quarter.

When did you finalise your IC17 squad?

The French squad was named at the completion of the French cup last December.

What’s scheduled/planned for the months leading up to IC17?

The French league is one of the few competitions in the world which plays during the AFL off season, so our French national players have been representing all 8 clubs in the CNFA. The season completed recently with the ALFA Lions from Lyon winning the premiership at Stade Jean Bouin in Paris. The team is now in full training mode for IC and they will play an 18 vs 18 match in France before completing their preparation in Sydney at the end of July.

Who’s impressed on the training track/trials?

The French team has a good mix of experienced players and exciting young prospects. A player that has really stood out is Pierre Leschales from Lyon. Having trained hard during only his second season of footy, Pierre won best on ground at the ANZAC Cup in Villers-Bretonneux and followed that up with player of the tournament at the French North Cup.

Coach’s thoughts? – Andrew Unsworth

I’m really excited about the group of players that we have for this year’s IC. One of the challenges this team faces is that only three of the players have experience playing 18 a side football in Australia. Individuals need to make sure that they are physically ready for the large Australian grounds. I’ll need to ensure a solid team structure and a game plan that allows them to use their speed and strength across the large grounds.


The squad 

Julien Gil – Toulouse Hawks

Sylain Maylie – Blagnac Aviators

Mathieu Ostorero – ALFA Lions

Fabien Floch – Toulouse Hawks

Francois Daniel – Paris Cockatoos

Pierre Leschasles – ALFA Lions

Cyrille Gandolfo – Toulouse Hawks

Jacob Raiwalui – Paris Cockatoos

Benoit Treuillet – Bordeaux Bombers

Jeremy Sardin – Perpignan Tigers

Ludo Barrat – Toulouse Hawks

Franck Nussbaumer – Paris Cockerels

Vincent Monnier – Bordeaux Bombers

Anthony Girard – Blagnac Aviators 

Marco Pinto – Bordeaux Bombers

Raphael Ubeda – Bordeaux Bombers

Pierre Boscart – Paris Cockerels

Thomas Depondt – ALFA Lions

Gregoire Patacq – South Australia

Clement Bouchet – Paris Cockatoos

Julien Dagois – Paris Cockatoos

Maxime Favero – Cergy Coyotes

Simon Mondin – Toulouse Hawks

Thomas Crepin – Cergy Coyotes

Nicolas Boche – ALFA Lions

Anthony Bernad – Perpignan Tigers

Sam Rat – Bordeaux Bombers

Stephane Wezel – Toulouse Hawks

Pierre Napoleon – ALFA Lions