International Cup

The biggest event for the sport internationally brings together national teams from around the world to compete in a full-scale Australian Football tournament, hosted in the games traditional beating heart of Melbourne, Australia. European teams have a rich history of success and will be eager to add to that in 2020, with Grand Finals played on the biggest stages of all at the MCG and Etihad Stadium.

Location: Melbourne, Australia, 2020

Current Champions: Papua New Guinea (Div. 1 Men), Croatia (Div. 2 Men), Ireland (Women)

Previous Winners: 


2002 – Ireland

2005 – New Zealand

2008 – Papua New Guinea

2011 – Ireland (Div. 1), Fiji (Div. 2) 

2014 – Papua New Guinea 

2017 – Papua New Guinea (Div. 1), Croatia (Div. 2)


2011 – Ireland 

2014 – Canada

2017 – Ireland