Irish Down Under – Ailish Considine AFLW

Tune into the eighth episode of Irish Down Under where we are joined by Ailish Considine from the Adelaide Crows.

Ailish’s journey into the AFLW is like none other. Within one year, Ailish had played in and won at AFL Europe’s Champions League with West Clare Waves, AFL Europe’s Euro Cup with the Irish Banshees, signed with the Crows, debuted and then went on to play in and win the 2019 AFLW grand final in front of 53,000 people.

After a remarkable first season in the league, Ailish has remained with the Crows and is currently in her third season.

Hear from Ailish as she chats to Jim & Mike about the building excitement around the club with finals looming, initially preparing for the AFLW through the AFL Europe competitions and tournaments, reflecting on the 2019 AFLW grand final and more.

Watch the episode here or listen to it on our podcast, below.

Video Guide:

0:32 – Crows progress in 2021 and guaranteeing themselves a spot in the finals.

2:51  – Fighting to earn her spot back in a competitive Crows outfit and preparing for games as an ’emergency’.

5:11 – Sustaining an unfortunate concussion injury mid-season.

7:07 – Talking through the incident; post-injury and symptoms.

9:30 – In the mix as ’emergency’.

11:32 – Fifth year in the sport, third year in the league and feeling more comfortable out on the oval.

12:50 – First exposure to the sport in Ireland and representing Ireland in AFL Europe tournaments.

15:26 – A crazy few days in Melbourne and signing with the Crows.

18:13 – Looking back at her first season and the opportunity to play in front of 53,000 people in a grand final.

20:32 – Having her family make the 24-hour flight over for the grand final.

21:55 – Looking towards 2021 finals and working to get back into the team.

23:24 – The city of Adelaide; a home away from home.

24:47 – Being the only Irishwoman at the Crows!

26:12 – Catching up with the fellow Irish girls in the AFLW (where possible).

27:31 – Approaching finals and building excitement around the club.