Irish Down Under – Lauren Magee AFLW

Just a few days after becoming the latest Irishwoman to make her AFL Women’s debut, Lauren Magee from the Melbourne Demons has joined us for the fourth instalment of Irish Down Under.

Lauren was first scouted by the Demons at AFL Europe’s first-ever women’s talent combine in Dublin late-2019, and signed with the club in August last year.

Hear from Lauren as she speaks on her debut against the Dogs, testing at AFL Europe’s first-ever women’s talent combine, being recruited by the Demons and more.

Watch the episode here or listen to it on our podcast, below.

Video Guide:

0:47 – Lauren on her debut and when she found out she was playing.

3:58 – First month in Australia.

6:12 – Lead up to making her debut.

9:21 – Adjusting from top-level GAA to the AFLW in a matter of months.

12:07 – First thoughts on the idea of moving to Australia and playing in the AFLW.

14:19 – Attending AFL Europe’s first-ever women’s talent combine.

16:33 – Encouraging others to try Australian Football.

18:17 – The process of being scouted and recruited by the Demons from AFL Europe’s Talent Combine.

22:39 – Influence of her family on her sporting career.

25:14 – TG4 supporting women’s sport and the AFL Women’s in Ireland.

27:10 – Being assigned a nickname from her Demons teammates.