Match of the Round

Rhein-Main Redcats v Berlin Crocodiles (AFLGW)

11.05.19  Frankfurt  16:30


The inaugural AFLGW season kicks off round two with an in-form team, the Berlin Crocodiles, facing an exciting, new Rhein-Main Redcats side in their first official match.

Coming off a dominating 86 point win in Round 1, the Berlin Crocodiles have started the inaugural AFLGW season in dominating fashion.

Crocs Skipper Theresea Kresse was ecstatic from their first-round efforts.

“I personally was very delighted about the many individual efforts and creative responses in some situations of the girls during the game… was so proud of the beauty of the interplay between my teammates. Additionally, we supported each other a lot and the shepherding worked really well.”

The merging of the Rheinland Lions and Frankfurt Redcats women’s sides has created a fired-up Rhein-Main Redcats outfit.

Viviane Schumacher, who is the Redcats Co-Captain, shares her eagerness for their first game, as all their hard work and preparations have led to this moment.

“We are incredibly excited. We have a bunch of very talented girls who just started a couple of months ago, wanting to show what they learned during preseason and our training camp… and we finally want to make use of the skills we have gained over the past months.”

These two sides both involve some of Germany’s finest Australian football players, where 10 women across the two teams have played for the German Eagles National side, including involvement in the 2018 Euro Cup.

“With massive progression in less than a year, our keys to this success include, lots of support from the whole team, consisting of coaches, captains and players, targeted training and drills and high commitment from everyone involved,” said Viviane.

The support online through social media and the men’s side of the club getting behind the new women’s team has helped get them to where they are today.

This support even included a video message from Richmond AFL star Dustin Martin, who wished them well for the season and is great for AFL around Europe, to see Australian professionals getting behind the great game overseas.

These two sides are pioneers for this inaugural AFLGW season and their Captains are going a long way to growing the Australian game across Europe, with such a positive attitude.

Speaking of the great people behind the scenes and how the women’s game is on the rise is Theresa Kresse.

“We really must pay tribute to Lisa Wilson and many others, like our Berlin star Kathryn McKenzie, who have dedicated so much time and effort to build this league from scratch and made it what it is today… one of our club goals in Berlin is to build cooperation and support with other teams off the pitch, to help grow this league as much as possible.”

Now coming together to help this growth, the thrilling match up in Round 2 of AFL Germany Women’s will be on Saturday the 11th of May.

This will be a home match for the Redcats in Frankfurt who will have plenty of support behind them in their first game and a continuation for away matches from round one for the Crocs, who look to be the team to beat early in the competition.

Liam McAllion – AFL Europe

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Rhein-Main Redcats,  Berlin Crocodiles