Match of the Round

DAFL Round 8

Odense Lions v Port Malmö Maulers

31/08/2019  Odense  1:00pm

The Danish Australian Football League (DAFL) has taken major strides this year, with all sides growing in numbers, the standard and skills of the competition have lifted.

In this last game of the men’s regular season, the Danish team of the Odense Lions are up against the Swedish side of the Port Malmö Maulers, who are both chasing the home semi final position of second place and want to finish off the season strongly.

The Maulers are in good form, sitting in second spot and looking to take out the first placed Farum Cats later in the finals.

The Lions are hungry to take the home semi final spot away from Port Malmö making for an exciting match up, with two teams who go hard at the contest.

Through an updated game plan and with players being able to improve each week this season, Odense Captain, Kaspar Bruus elaborates on what his teams brings to the field, “Our game is definitely a physical one. We like to be first to the contest, and most of our profiles are defensively minded. Our backline may be the best in the DAFL with mostly national team players filling up the spots there. Our midfield is contest-oriented and likes to get the ball up forward quickly, where we seek our quick forward-line with a tall man up front.” 

The Lions will look to use their size and strength this weekend to win contests around the ground and more specifically, deep in their forward line.

“Søren Sorrenson is our bear in the square. Our key tall up front. He’s got safe hands and a good kick, and while he is relatively new to the game, he has transitioned quickly. His strength is in the air and in his team-play, as he is unselfish, even if he does score a lot of goals,” said Kaspar.

With some exciting prospects including Søren, Odense will put on a high scoring affair for the crowd and make for an exciting battle on the weekend.

Only losing the two games this season, Port Malmö has played a classy brand of football all year and are looking to continue their form on the weekend.

Maulers head Coach Leighton Rowsell knows how big the occasion is, “With that second spot up for grabs still, there is a lot on the line, no doubt. I also personally think there is a lot of pride, between the two teams. We have both had great numbers and lent players to other teams, so there is a lot of pride to see who is the top club of the DAFL.”

With some players being a part of this team and sport for over 10 years, the unity and experience that the Maulers take to the field each week is something that helps them get over the line in close games.

Priding themselves on their on field leadership, Port Malmö like to build from their defence keeping teams to low scores, lead through their Captain Ross Levesque.

A player from America, Levesque builds this team from the backline and gets the best out his players, helping to create a combination of leaders on and off the field.

“To be honest our key strength comes from the on the field leaders. We talked early on about everyone being leaders, and making sure we lift those around us and set the example. The guys are also good blokes off the field too. They are fun to be around and there is a good feeling amongst the group,” said Coach Rowswell.

With skill across the board and a club that prides themselves on a community environment, qualities like these will work in the Maulers favour on Saturday helping their ability to use link up play around the ground.

With nine players combined from both of these sides representing their nations of Denmark and Sweden at the most recent Euro Cup, expect to see a high quality game of footy with many of the players knowing what it feels like to play like in such an important match.

The Maulers came home with a narrow three point victory in their last outing, so expect a nail biter this weekend, with some of the Danish League’s star players.

Stay tuned to next week’s edition of Around the Grounds to see who came out on top!


Special thanks to Fine Wine Partners for their support of the growth of the game throughout Europe.

Liam McAllion – AFL Europe