Online workshop with Tackle Your Feelings concludes inaugural Club Development Series

This past Monday saw the conclusion of AFL Europe’s brand new Club Development Series with anzuk Education.

The fourth session of the inaugural program was hosted as an online workshop by Tackle Your Feelings just last night and marks the end of a fantastic four weeks.

The workshop, led by Nick Walsh from the AFL Coaches Association, was delivered to our club representatives to improve the understanding and awareness of mental health, as well as build skills within our clubs to foster an environment where everyone is supported to effectively manage their emotions.

Along with Nick, we were joined by the likes of Jack Barry, Barry Gibson and Jacob Gaynor who all logged on from Australia to present throughout the series and to the topics of Brand & Culture, Social Responsibility and Social Media, respectively.

The program was developed by AFL Europe to provide coaches and administrators within our clubs more support to fulfil their roles with confidence, and create the best environment possible for all players, umpires and volunteers in the footy community.

We were delighted to see more than 130 club representatives from 22 different countries and over 75 different clubs attend the program and are excited to see the positive effect the clubs in our community will gain from this series.

Thank you to all of the dedicated club representatives who attended each session and to Jack, Barry, Jacob and Nick for waking up in the early hours of the morning over in Australia to deliver fantastic presentations.

Jackson Jones – AFL Europe