Palmers Relocations signs on for 2020

AFL Europe is excited to welcome back Palmers Relocations as an official partner for the second year running.

For over 40 years, Palmers Relocations have built a strong reputation for high-quality International removal services, that has since expanded its services nationally to help families of all sizes shift across the globe.

Awarded the Best Operational Moving Provider by the industry body Euromovers in 2016, Palmers continues to relocate families and businesses with the same honesty, integrity and service cemented within the ideals of the Palmer Family.

General Manager of Palmers Relocations, Kieran O’Hara, was pleased to see the partnership come to an agreement for a second year.

“Our continued partnership means a lot to us at Palmers Relocations,” O’Hara said.

“As an avid supporter of the great game for AFL men’s and women’s, it is with great pride in which we support AFL Europe as we showcase our great sport to the world.”

Ryan Davey, General Manager of AFL Europe, shared that same joy in speaking about Kieran and his team.

“We’re really pleased with the first year of our partnership with Palmers Relocations and the great assistance they’ve been able to provide us,” Davey said.

“Palmers Relocations, whom are based in Australia, have been terrific in supporting the growth of AFL Europe by providing much needed help through the transportation of football’s and other footy equipment on a number of occasions.”

“We at AFL Europe are extremely excited to see the partnership with the Palmers Relocations team grow into 2020 and beyond.”


Palmers Relocations are currently offering a 10% discount to anyone who is planning on making the big move and refers AFL Europe in their purchase.

For more information or to request a quote, you can visit their website, Facebook or email