PSS Presents: Around the Grounds

PSS Presents: Around the Grounds

Each week, AFL Europe will take a look at some of the football highlights around the continent in Around the Grounds presented by PSS International Removals. Here are the standout performances from the weekend’s action.


Will Taylor – AFL Europe


The Stockholm Dockers  women’s side put in a very good effort despite falling just short of the Port Malmö Lynx in the Swedish Cup

Dockers and Lynx reign supreme in Sweden

The Swedish Cup was a huge success for both the Norrtälje Dockers and Port Malmö Lynx.

In the stand alone fixture in the women’s competition, the hosts in Port Malmo were just too strong for a gritty Stockholm Dockers outfit. The game showcased some of the best players across Europe playing Australian Football and it was the Lynx who prevailed by seven points in a tight tussle.



The men’s competition featured the Dockers, Port Malmö Maulers and a combined Helsingborg Saints/Eksjö Bulldogs side.

While the mixed side was competitive, the Maulers and Dockers were the teams that faced off in the 2018 Grand Final.

In the group stage the Maulers got the better of the Dockers by just two points, but in the big dance the margin was reversed.

Leading by just three points at half time in the decider, the Dockers held their nerve and held their slender advantage to take the Swedish Cup in 2018.

Final Scores:

WOMEN’S GRAND FINAL: Port Malmö Lynx 5.5 (35) defeated Stockholm Dynamite 4.4 (28)

MEN’S: Port Malmö Maulers 6.3 (39) defeated Nörrtalje Dockers 6.1 (37)

Port Malmö Maulers 9.8 (62) defeated Helsingborg Saints/Eksjö Bulldogs 1.4 (10)

Nörrtalje Dockers 8.5 (53) defeated Helsingborg Saints/Eksjö Bulldogs 2.0 (12)

MEN’S GRAND FINAL: Nörrtalje Dockers 5.3 (33) defeated Port Malmö Maulers 5.1 (31)



Superb Southampton on top of the SEAFL

Two rounds down in the Southern England Australian Football League (SEAFL) and it’s looking like the Southampton Titans are the favourites to take out this year’s competition. Last weekend, the Portsmouth Pirates hosted Round 2 of the competition and put up a superb effort for a team returning to the SEAFL. They were able to secure their first win of the season over the Sussex Swans to climb off the bottom of the ladder. The standout performers however remained the Titans who managed 50-point and 23-point victories over the Pirates and Swans respectively.





Final Scores:

Southampton Titans 7.14 (56) defeated Sussex Swans 4.9 (33)

Southampton Titans 12.6 (78) defeated Portsmouth Pirates 3.10 (28)

Portsmouth Pirates 11.11 (77) defeated Sussex Swans 5.5 (35)




Croatia play host to Abu Dhabi in a cross-continental exhibition

After having a stellar season in the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi Falcons made their way over to Croatia to take on the local national team (Croatian Knights) in an international friendly last weekend. Leading into the Euro Cup for 2018, the game was perfect preparation for the Croatians as they vie to take the title in Cork later this year. The match was very entertaining with plenty of goals, tackles and high marks to celebrate. Battling through the harsh rain and lightning, the Croatian boys were able to handle a very impressive Falcons line-up to run away as 47-point victors in Zagreb.


Final Score:

Croatian Knights 15.14 (104) defeated Abu Dhabi Falcons 8.9 (57)



Devils down Delft in an inaugural Dutch derby

In Holland, The Delft Blues AFC played host to the Amsterdam Devils in the inaugural fixture between the two Dutch based Australian Football clubs. Amsterdam are always a tough fixture for any opposition, but the Blues didn’t let their reputation intimidate them. Despite coming up against the runners-up in the 2018 AFL Europe Champions League, the Blues put in a very respectable performance to fall short by 33-points against the highly skilled outfit.

Final Score:

Amsterdam Devils 17.8 (110) defeated Delft Blues AFC 12.5 (77)




Leaping Lionesses looking the goods in London

Back to back wins for the North London Lionesses have the talented women’s side making a move up the ladder in the AFL London Women’s Premiership competition.

Saturday’s commanding victory by 45-points against the South East London Giants has North London just behind the Wandsworth Demons in second position on the ladder. After the Demons and the Lions played a classic in Round 2 where Wandsworth prevailed by under a goal, it seems as if these sides are the two favourites to take their place in this season’s Grand Final.

Final Score:

North London Lionesses 7.5 (47) defeated South East London Giants 0.2 (2)