PSS Presents: Around the Grounds – Socials Edition #10

Featuring the best online posts from the AFL Europe community, PSS International Removals Presents: Around the Grounds – Socials Edition.

Footy drills with the Port Malmo Maulers, a bit of oval maintenance with the Sesvete Double Blues and more return to training selfies… the first week of June had it all on social media.

Last week was also the announcement of AFL Europe’s Race to the MCG, which will see national teams across Europe compete against each other to see who can run or walk a total of 16,900KM the fastest.

Make sure to speak to your national coach or contact your local club for details on how to participate. The race begins on Monday 15th of June.

Over the week, the Port Malmo Maulers gave us a look into one of their training sessions.

Piecing together this video on Instagram, the Maulers and Lynx players can be seen putting their foot and hand skills to the test as they run through a series of drills.

Take a watch as one of the drills might come in handy at your next training!

Another video on Instagram, but this time it’s the Sesvete Double Blues putting in the work before training.

Looks like the team have brought their lawn mowers down to training to do a bit of pitch maintenance.

Nothing beats some quality team bonding!

Time for more selfies as more clubs have announced returns to training.

This time it’s the Zagreb Hawks in Croatia who have returned with some strong numbers.

Outdoor activity and footy training must only be done so in accordance with your government.

If you need some assistance or ideas to enforce safe training measures, a number of recommended protocols and awareness posters can be found at the bottom of our About Us page under ‘Documents & Policies’.

The Waasa Wombats have had their first taste of training since the coronavirus outbreak.

The start of summer has delivered blue skies in Waasa and I think it’s safe to say the Wombats are pretty happy with it!

Check out some photos below of their first session back.

Sää oli mahtava, treenin makuun oli hienoa päästä koronatauon jälkeen. Kiitos kaikille osallistujille. Ens viikolla taas!

Posted by Waasa Wombats on Thursday, 4 June 2020

Another team in the Netherlands has returned to training and this time it’s the Amsterdam Devils.

In recent weeks for AFL Netherlands, we’ve seen the Blues and the Eagles return so it’s great to see the Devils are back.

Train hard (and safely)!

View this post on Instagram

We’re back baby 😈#isotraining #devils

A post shared by Amsterdam Devils (@amsterdamdevils) on

Footy in France has seen the Bayonne Toreadors find their way back onto the park.

The Toreadors are respecting social distancing measures with no ball or contact drills.

Instead, the team will focus on the physical side of things (for now).

The AFLG Women’s Instagram have shared a throwback to this time last year when we were at the Euro Cup in Sweden.

The 2020 Euro Cup was set to be held in Stirling, Scotland over last weekend before AFL Europe unfortunately announced (earlier this year) that it was going to be postponed.

A return date has not been announced yet however Scotland has been granted the rights to host the event in 2021.

Check out some snaps of the Eagles girls from last year’s event below.

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