AFL Europe’s Quality Club Program

AFL Europe have introduced a new Quality Club Program for all of our participating Australian Football teams and governing bodies.

This program is designed to help provide local clubs around Europe with the skills and confidence to successfully grow and develop the game of Australian Football in their region.

As part of the Quality Club Program, local clubs have been asked to submit some basic contact information to their respective AFL Governing Body. AFL Governing Bodies (i.e. AFL Austria) are to then submit this information to AFL Europe by the due date outlined in the email sent to all club presidents and governing bodies last week.

Furthermore, each local club is encouraged to have at least one club representative at each of the three online development programs that AFL Europe will be delivering in the coming weeks and months;

These programs (click on each to register) have been designed by AFL Europe to ensure that the volunteers across Europe who are fulfilling critical club roles feel confident to support their club and by extension help grow the game.

The clubs who provide all of the information (contact details & fixtures) by the due dates and who had at least one club representative attend each of the development series listed above (e.g. club representative/s attending all sessions of the Coach, Club & Umpire programs) will go into a draw to win £500 worth of Footballs from the AFL Europe shop.

The Governing Bodies (i.e. AFL Scotland) who provide all of the club contact & fixture information as listed above for all clubs AND who can confirm that all of their clubs had at least one representative attend each of the Development Sessions as listed above will go into a draw to win £1,000 worth of Footballs from the AFL Europe shop.

Should you have any questions please ask your club president, otherwise email