Round two European game times

Chris Martensson (Sweden) and  Mika Kupila (Finland)

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The AFL IC 14 got off to a big start on sunday with all 6 European teams playing. On wednesday the 13th all European teams prepare to play again.  First up in round two the GB Bulldogs face Nauru and the Ireland Banshees come up against Tonga.  In the afternoon we have two big European play offs between Ireland and France and Sweden and Finland.

There will be no streaming available tomorrow so make sure you tune into the @AFL_Europe twitter handle to hear all the updates and lives scores.

Ransford Oval 

11:30 am Nauru v GB mens

1:30 pm Ireland v France mens

McAlister Oval

11:30 am Ireland v Tonga womens

1:30 pm Sweden v Finland mens

(All times in Australian Eastern Standard Time)


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