CAFL Pre-Season Launched

The Caledonian Australian Football League (CAFL) has been running for a few years now in Scotland and this month they have launched their website and media outlets.

The three team league based in the west of Scotland has grown from humble beginnings from six players in each team with male players from the Glasgow Sharks and flourished into teams with 10 plus players male and female.

The CAFL accommodates females with their own women’s only league with two teams the Copper Sharks and the Diesel Sharks.


The CAFL teams, the Card Sharks, the Mako Sharks and the Tiger Sharks, made up of both male and female players, obtain their players through the CAFL draft, where new players to the league are entered and systematically chosen by each team. Each team having won a premiership in 3 years shows the draft seems to help the league to develop fair teams.


The CAFL has a high percentage of locals playing the sport of Australian Rules Football in the League and this has been increasing year on year with figures showing that 83% of CAFL 2013 participants were Scottish.

The CAFL keeps its number of playing Australians to a minimum, preferring to have our Australians Coach and develop local players skills and understanding of the sport as opposed to playing it.

With its media outlets the CAFL hope to increase in numbers even more and continue its growth.

The website will be updated continually with new content to keep visitors coming back, filled with team information, match reports and videos of games.

The CAFL use Facebook and Twitter to get more exposure and give its members up to date news and reminders of games and new content on the website.

Via Facebook, they hope to keep Followers up to date with news.

Via Twitter, they hope to keep followers up to date with game day scores and info.

Using Youtube to platform their games fans can watch their games all around the world. One such game from their recent CAFL Cup, a preseason tournament for the teams can be watched here


Hopefully all these developments will help grow the numbers enough to ensure all future European and International competitions have a Scottish presence.