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Intern Job Description 2014

Croatia aiming high in 2013

Following the disappointment of the 2012 Euro Cup for the national team the leaders of Australian Football in Croatia (CAAF) have been very busy. Along with announcing Richmond Tigers Ruckman and cult hero of all men with “Mullets” Ivan Maric as its Ambassador the CAAF have just secured a major coup.

After extensive research and years of conversations with land owners in Zagreb the President of CAAF, Josip Kravar recently announced the league has been provided with land to construct the first Australian Football oval by the Faculty of Kinesiology  at the University of Zagreb.

The Faculty of Kinesiology has noticed the efforts of the CAAF and it’s hard working volunteers to develop the sport which is orientated to young people and getting them active. CAAF have the ambitious plan to construct the field within the next month to be ready for its clash with Oxford University on the 14th April. This match is likely to attract national media. Judging by the determination shown by players of the Croatian national team and the administrators of the sport no one would be surprised if they meet the deadline.

The support from the University extends to the local league with the formation of a new club “Academic Club of Australian Rules Football Zagreb” that will in time participate in the National League. They have also granted access for the CAAF to go into lectures and promote the sport.

AFL Europe would like to join CAAF in thanking the Faculty of Kinesiology at Zagreb University as this will have a major positive affect on the development of the league and ability to attract new juniors to the sport.

Sometimes disappointment is the catalyst for change and action. Certainly the CAAF and the the national team the Croatian Knights have been working hard by all accounts to put 2012 behind them and it won’t be a shock if they come and surprise a few teams at the AFL European Championships in Dublin this August. Watch this space!

CAAF are currently looking for sponsors to assist in the completion of this groundbreaking project for the sport in Europe. If you want to help please get in touch with AFL Europe at