European mens results round 4 & semi final

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Congratulations to Irish Warriors who have successfully confirmed they will be taking on PNG in the Grand Final on Saturday the 23rd of August at the MCG.

Semi Final 2 Mens 

Ireland: 0.0 4.1 5.3 8.5 (53)

South Africa: 0.2 1.3 4.4 4.4 (28)


Ireland: Lucey 2, Stynes 2, Finn, Joyce, O’Halloran, Geraghty

South Africa: Mongia, Sokoyi, Moshoeshoe, Sobetwa


Ireland: Lucey, Joyce, McKloskey, Fanning, McElhorne, Stynes

South Africa: Funda, Pani, Phakedi, Mkhize, T.J Moagi, Moshoeshoe


Division 1 (5v12)

Canada: 1.4 6.10 8.11 9.15 (69)

France: 1.0 1.1 2.3 2.3 (15)


Canada: Nash 5, Lund, Kozlowski, Duggan

France: Tiefenbach, Dandaleix


Canada: Ortel, Conrad, Ryan, Nash, Lund, Casey

France: Patacq, L’Hotellier, Schieber, Picard, Denerf, Gil


Division 1 (7v10)

Nauru: 2.1 3.4 7.6 7.7 (49)

Great Britain: 2.2 4.2 4.2 5.3 (33)


Nauru: Donatello 2, German 2, Tipung, Snuka, Charles

Great Britain: Willatt, Worthington, Walton, Mitchell


Nauru: Tiana, Donatello, Jonas, Mallinson, Dave, Lennox

Great Britain: Walton, Matias, Saunders, McGeever, Ryland, Aburto


Division 2

India: 0.1 0.1 0.1 1.2(8)

Finland: 0.1 0.2 2.4 3.7 (25)


India: Kailashnathan

Finland: Romar, Kalliojarvi, Nurmikosk


India: Kailashnathan, Fernandes, Fariduddin, Himat, Ghosh, Parmar

Finland: Romar, Nurmikosk, Kaarlsson, Kalliojarvi, Saarinen, Aalto


Indonesia: 2.5 2.5 4.7 4.8 (32)

Sweden: 2.1 6.3 7.4 9.6 (60)


Indonesia: Prasojo 2, Wood, Abdillah

Sweden: Martensson 3, Magnusson 2, J.Olsson, Brenmo, Svensson, Lindgren


Indonesia: Wood, Halim, Prasojo, Ibadurrohman, Abdillah, Latupeirissa

Sweden: Kvarnstrom, Magnusson, Martensson, Svensson, J.Olsson, Sund


IC14 live streaming link

In a first for the AFL International Cup, 25 matches will be streamed LIVE and also be available on demand, including both Grand Finals. These will be available world-wide at no charge on the AFLIC14 website here:

The following International Cup matches will be streamed live and on demand:

  • All matches on McAlister, Ransford and Western ovals on Sunday August 10 (Round 1 matches)
  • All matches on McAlister, Ransford and Western ovals on Friday August 22 (Finals Round)
  • Women’s Grand Final at Punt Road Oval on Saturday August 22nd
  • Men’s Grand Final at MCG on Saturday August 22nd
  • USA Liberty v Canada Midnight Suns on Wednesday 20th August (Liberty have a BYE in round 1, this will ensure that they get at least 1 match filmed and streamed).
Sunday, August 10
Women’sIreland v Fiji9:30amMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sIreland v Fiji11:30amMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sNauru v Indo1:30pmMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sGB v France3:30pmMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sTonga v India9:30amRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’sTonga v Canada M Suns11:30amRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sSA v Pakistan1:30pmRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sPNG v Japan3:30pmRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sUSA v Finland9:30amWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sNZ v Sweden11:30amWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’sCanada N Lights v USA Freedom1:30pmWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’sCanada v China3:30pmWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Wednesday, August 20
Women’sCanada M Suns v USA Liberty12:00pmRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Friday, August 22
Men’s13 v 14 (Div 2 Playoff)9:00amRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’s3 v 411:00amRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s3 v 4 (3rd place Playoff)1:00pmRansford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’s5 v 69:00amMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s7 v 811:00amMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s5 v 6 (Div 1  Playoff)1:00pmMcAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s15 v169:00amWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s9 v1011:00amWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s11 v 121:00pmWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s17 v 183:00pmWestern Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Saturday, August 23 (Grand Finals)
Women’sWomen’s IC14 Grand Final2:10pmRichmond FC – Punt Road Oval
Men’sMen’s IC14 Grand Final4:50pmMCG

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Toulouse Hawks undefeated French Champions!

By Alban Schieber

The 2014 French Championship ended on June 14th with a wonderful Grand Final held in Toulouse at the Australian Summer Party organised by the Toulouse Hawks.

Before even knowing if they would play in the Grand Final, it was already determined that the Hawks would be the hosts. After a few weeks of brainstorming, they decided to play another card to attract people to the event.

The Australian Summer Party, DJ, BBQ, drinks, games, goodies and of course footy were on the program. “The idea was to have more than traditional fans for the game! And also more ladies!” said Emilien Martinez (Toulouse Hawks President).

After turning on the music and the beer tap, the afternoon started with a women’s footy game where the ladies of France came to play together in two sides called the Toulouse Hawks and the Toulouse Cockerelles (most of the girls coming from Toulouse and Paris). A great achievement to hold the first official 7-a-side French women’s game.

Most of the early crowd was really surprised to see the level of this game as the girls were putting so much intensity and passion in the game. “Handpasses, kicks, shepherds, goals, high marks, their skills set improved a lot since the Axios Euro Cup held in Bordeaux” said Pascal Ivorra the French Women’s Coach.

This was a great first step for women’s footy development. This game also helped him to see all the ladies before the 2014 Axios Euro Cup which will take place in London in October.

During the ladies curtain raiser game, the temperature kept on rising in the grandstand when the two men’s teams entered the change rooms to begin their pre game preparations.

The Hawks were the first ones to come out in front of a 500-600 people crowd followed by the Paris Cockerels for a remake of last year’s title.

Pat Douglas from Andorra came to umpire the game and was delighted to be part of the event.

The Cockerels were the first ones to put their hands on the ball scoring three behinds in a row within the two first minutes. Unfortunately, they were unable to score goals to make a small break. After a good play of handpasses, the Toulouse Hawks scored the first goal of the game after 5 minutes! Quickly followed by a second and third one. At quarter time the Hawks held the lead at 38 to 12.

In the second quarter  the Paris Cockerels seemed to have found their sight for the footy but not the precision. The Hawks on the other hand remained accurate and kept increasing their margin. At half time Toulouse lead 62-23.

The third quarter demonstrated the ability of Toulouse to play as a team while Paris got caught out kicking long bombs and hoping for individuals performance. 101-36.

In the last quarter Toulouse managed to capitalise on the situation and control the game. However the Cockerels began a late surge scoring consecutive goals but it was too late. The Hawks came away as champions on the day with the final score of 104-62.


French Ladies


Paris Cockerels vs Toulouse Hawks

Turku Dockers winners of the Finland Grand Final

Following a hard-earnt semi final victory over Salo, where the much improved Juggernauts got within 14 points of the undefeated Dockers, the Turku boys spent the week leading up to the grand final getting themselves ready for a tough game against 2012 premiers the Helsinki Heatseekers. Helsinki went into the grand final on the back of some good form, having won their semi final against Vaasa by 58 points.

The third place playoff was taken out by Vaasa, who ran hard all day and were too strong for the Salo side. Both sides played with great spirit and will improve next year following the extra experience that some of their emerging players have gained in 2013.

With third place decided it was time for the grand final. The premiers of 2012 up against the minor premiers of 2013 promised to be a contest worthy of the 5th FAFL grand final, and both sides delivered from the outset.

There was nothing in the match early, with the two sides trading goals as they tested each other out. Eventually it was the Dockers who were able to get out to a small lead with a series of goals through the middle part of the second quarter which took them to a 14 point lead in the shadows of half time, then just seconds before half time some clever work from Turku captain Tomi Virtanen found Anti Vasemägi alone deep in the forward pocket. Anti marked right on the siren and was allowed to take his kick, which he calmly guided home from a tight angle, giving Turku a 20 point lead and valuable momentum heading into half time.

The second half started with two quick goals to the Dockers that took the lead out to 32 points, but Helsinki were quick to answer with two goals of their own and restored the 20 point margin. The quarter continued to ebb and flow, but a couple of late goals to Turku got the margin back out to 32 points in Turku’s favour by the final break.

The pressure that both sides had applied all day didn’t drop off, and in a tight final quarter Turku were able to kick three goals to Helsinki’s one to finish up 43 point winners and 2013 FAFL premiers.

The win made it three premierships in five years for Turku (2009, 2010 and 2013), which sit alongside runners up finishes in 2011 and 2012.

Well done to Adam Vasey from Turku who was awarded the Grant Siermans medal for the best player on the ground (Grant coached the Dockers in 2009-2010 and has a perfect coaching and playing record in FAFL grand finals).

Turku Dockers 3.6   7.6   11.10   14.12   (96)

Helsinki Heatseekers 4.4   4.4   6.8   7.11   (53)


Turku: Lee Grabski 6, Adam Vasey 3, Josh Walker 2, Craig Primmer 2, Anti Vasemägi

Helsinki: Terry Ludeman 4, Brendan Cliffe, Damian Roberston, Aku Immonen

FAFL GF Tomi tackle (4)

2013 Calendar

The dates you need to know for 2013

26th Jan – Australia Day

9th Feb – Under 21 trial day – Wolverhampton, England

12th – 13th Feb – AFL Europe Combine – Dublin, Ireland

16th Feb – South Cup – Marseille, France

9th Mar – Cambridge v Oxford – Cambridge, England

31st Mar – 6th April – Easter Series – London, England

6th April – European Legion v AIS-AFL Academy – Guildford, London

6th April – International Friendly (GB Bulldogs v Irish Warriors) – Guildford, London

7th Apr – Level 1 AFL Coaching Course – Peter Schwab – London, England

10th Apr – Easter Series – Copenhagen, Denmark

13th Apr – Haggis Cup – Edinburgh, Scotland

14th Apr – Oxford Uni v Zagreb Uni – Zagreb, Croatia

20th Apr – ANZAC Cup – Villers Bretonneux, France

20th Apr – Pre-season Tour (Nth London Lions v Croatia) – Zagreb, Croatia

20th Apr – International Friendly (Irish Warriors v GB Bulldogs) – Dublin, Ireland

11th May – AFLG 9’s Cup – Frankfurt, Germany

18th May – International Friendly (Germany v Denmark) – TBC

1st Jun – CNFA Grand Final – Montpellier, France

Jun – International Friendly (Croatia v Austria) – TBC

22nd Jun – French Cup – Cergy, France

29th Jun – International Friendly (France v Germany) – Berlin, Germany

Jul – International Friendly (Croatia v Italy) – TBC

3rd Aug – 10th Aug – AFL European Championships (16-a-side) – Dublin, Ireland

14th Sept – AFLG Grand Final – Munich/Hamburg, Germany

21st Sept – Axios Euro Cup (9-a-side) – Bordeaux, France

22nd Sept – 23rd Sept – AFL Europe AGM – Bordeaux, France

28th Sept – AFL Grand Final – Melbourne, Australia

19th Oct – International Rules Series (Match 1) – Ulster, Ireland

19th Oct – Croatian Cup – Zagreb, Croatia

26th Oct – International Rules Series (Match 2) – Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

Nov – AFL European Challenge – TBC


If your league has dates to add please get in touch at




Through The Chair: Chris Dow’s Blog 1

After only 6 weeks in the job I have had the pleasure of watching more football played with true passion than ever before in my life. What a baptism to the role was the Euro Cup in Edinburgh! This was surely one of my most enjoyable days of sport ever and a personal highlight for me was the sheer passion amongst the playing group and also the volunteers. Forever etched in my mind was the Denmark and Croatia game that reminded me of what passion was all about, a couple of points saw the Croats eliminated and the pain was evident. They will surely be a powerhouse of the future under the stewardship of their new coach Ciaran O’Hara.

To say I am looking forward to working with all of you is an understatement. I believe we have both the people and the resources to build on that outstanding foundation laid down by the outgoing Chairman Gerard Murphy and Commissioner Sally Capp. Can I pay special tribute to Gerard who we all agree is a remarkable individual and has worked tirelessly to ensure we are “United, Structured and Respectful”, what an amazing legacy he has left and I hope to repay his confidence by giving my energy and effort to carrying on and building on this legacy.

I look forward this weekend to reacquainting myself with many of you at the European Challenge match at the Kia Oval, we expect a really strong crowd to see these two elite level teams fight it out for the bragging rights to Europe. I expect this to be the beginning of an annual game which will assist us in raising the profile of the game in Europe and supporting our plan to increase player participation throughout Europe.


Chris Dow

Chairman, AFL Europe

AFL Europe On Air For JLT Group All Stars Game

Following the success of our live audio transmissions at the EuroCup in Edinburgh, AFL Europe’s very own internet radio station will be back up on air again this saturday from the Kia Oval. Coverage of our game between Europe’s Islands and the Continental team will begin at 13.05 GMT(14.05 CET). Check back to or our facebook page for details.

AFL Grand Final Party Finder Europe

Following its success over the past three years, the AFL have again set up an Overseas Grand Final Party Finder on the AFL website for all of the international fans to register the details of their Grand Final celebrations – including where and when they’ll watch the broadcasts of the big game!

The link is

Everyone who registers will go into a database where the details of their event will become visible on our map-finder feature. The map-finder enables fans to zoom in on their area of the globe and be given details of all the parties being held in their area.

As per 2011, everyone who registers their event in the Party Finder will go into the draw to win a fantastic 2012 AFL Premiers Lithograph, signed by the captain and coach of the winning team and valued at $595.00 AUD.