Two weeks with the Irish Warriors – AFLIC14

By Lachlan Buszard

Sport has the ability to breakdown barriers, to unite people from different religions, colour and race and socio economic background.  Sport inspires people and people inspire sport.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been lucky enough to be involved with the AFL International Cup carnival that has been played in Melbourne and on Saturday I will again be helping out the Irish teams coach David Stynes (the younger brother of the late Jim) to go back to back on the hallowed turf of the MCG.

Whilst the players are here to win, the AFLIC14 carnival brings together 18 different nations of mens and womens teams all of different standards, all with different stories and all united under the AFL banner.  The carnival showcases the international passion for our game like no-other and credit must go to the hard working volunteers and/ or AFL development staff who have had the courage and desire to spread the AFL gospel far and wide.

2014 represents the second carnival that I have been involved with the Irish team for.  Pronouncing names is not my strong point, and understanding their questions through thick accents is not that easy either but this is why it’s so enjoyable.  30 players make up the squad with most of the players have been playing in Ireland or out here in Australia for the past couple of years.  None of these players have grown up playing AFL and have had to learn the nuisances of the game and the skills.  Gaelic footballer, hurling, soccer, basketball and rugby union are the staple sports in Ireland so getting players to play together can be challenging, especially for the overseas Irish lads who play 9 or 12 a side in the local AFL competition.   The players are all keen to learn, all keen to play and importantly excited by the opportunity to play on the MCG, which is reflected in their team song which states: we are on a long road……… multiple counties together as one on the long road to the MCG.

There is something special about being involved with a group of highly passionate amateur players who have funded their own trips to Australia despite the struggling Ireland economy and high unemployment, to represent their country in a game they have found and fallen in love with.  Their passion for the game is unquestionable and it is refreshing in the current climate of professional sport and world turmoil.  In 2011 I learnt that an orange t-shirt that was to be worn at training by the player that best epitomised the teams standards may not have been the best choice of colours politically, but sport always has a way of overcoming barriers and uniting people for a common cause and the joke was then on me.

Over the next couple of days there will be a flutter of activity around Port Melbourne and St Kilda beaches as AFLIC14 players emulate their heroes and spend most mornings in the water trying to aid recovery.  Structures, team rules, style of play, injury management and team selection will be discussed at length by team management as four tough games in 2 weeks takes its toll on the body, but for all of the teams, this is just a small price to pay for the chance to share a common passion, meet new people and celebrate the opportunities that sport can provide.

This Saturday will see the Irish squad take on PNG at the MCG in a grand final re-match from 2011.  PNG have played in the Grand Final in all 5 international Cups, however which ever country wins is largely irrelevant, as another generation of international AFL fans, players and supporters will head back to their home countries with some great memories, new friends and importantly they will continue to be great advocates for Australia and the game of Australian rules football.


Lachlan Buszard is the former GWS Giants Academy Manager / Head Coach.

European mens results round 4 & semi final

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Congratulations to Irish Warriors who have successfully confirmed they will be taking on PNG in the Grand Final on Saturday the 23rd of August at the MCG.

Semi Final 2 Mens 

Ireland: 0.0 4.1 5.3 8.5 (53)

South Africa: 0.2 1.3 4.4 4.4 (28)


Ireland: Lucey 2, Stynes 2, Finn, Joyce, O’Halloran, Geraghty

South Africa: Mongia, Sokoyi, Moshoeshoe, Sobetwa


Ireland: Lucey, Joyce, McKloskey, Fanning, McElhorne, Stynes

South Africa: Funda, Pani, Phakedi, Mkhize, T.J Moagi, Moshoeshoe


Division 1 (5v12)

Canada: 1.4 6.10 8.11 9.15 (69)

France: 1.0 1.1 2.3 2.3 (15)


Canada: Nash 5, Lund, Kozlowski, Duggan

France: Tiefenbach, Dandaleix


Canada: Ortel, Conrad, Ryan, Nash, Lund, Casey

France: Patacq, L’Hotellier, Schieber, Picard, Denerf, Gil


Division 1 (7v10)

Nauru: 2.1 3.4 7.6 7.7 (49)

Great Britain: 2.2 4.2 4.2 5.3 (33)


Nauru: Donatello 2, German 2, Tipung, Snuka, Charles

Great Britain: Willatt, Worthington, Walton, Mitchell


Nauru: Tiana, Donatello, Jonas, Mallinson, Dave, Lennox

Great Britain: Walton, Matias, Saunders, McGeever, Ryland, Aburto


Division 2

India: 0.1 0.1 0.1 1.2(8)

Finland: 0.1 0.2 2.4 3.7 (25)


India: Kailashnathan

Finland: Romar, Kalliojarvi, Nurmikosk


India: Kailashnathan, Fernandes, Fariduddin, Himat, Ghosh, Parmar

Finland: Romar, Nurmikosk, Kaarlsson, Kalliojarvi, Saarinen, Aalto


Indonesia: 2.5 2.5 4.7 4.8 (32)

Sweden: 2.1 6.3 7.4 9.6 (60)


Indonesia: Prasojo 2, Wood, Abdillah

Sweden: Martensson 3, Magnusson 2, J.Olsson, Brenmo, Svensson, Lindgren


Indonesia: Wood, Halim, Prasojo, Ibadurrohman, Abdillah, Latupeirissa

Sweden: Kvarnstrom, Magnusson, Martensson, Svensson, J.Olsson, Sund


Community Round European results & Round 4 update



Here are the European results from the community round matches:


Ireland 3.2 6.5 9.10 10.10 (70)

USA Liberty 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 (6)


Ireland: Rafferty 3, Treanor 2, Hazley 2, Dempsey, Keatley, Behan

USA Liberty: Kwoka


Ireland: Rafferty, Behan, Keatley, Meehan, Corrigan, McKay

USA Liberty: Even, Thiesen, Regets, Mascher, Vorsatz



Ireland: 2.4 5.5 6.5 10.6 (66)

Nauru: 2.0 4.1 6.2 6.3 (39)

Goal kickers

Ireland: Luce 5, Johnston, Stynes, O’Regan, McCluskey, Finn

Nauru: Kenneth 2, Donatello 2, Snuka Tipung


Ireland: Lucey, Healy, Finn, Fanning, O’Halloran,  Stynes

Nauru: Tiana, German,  Lennox, Donatello, Dave, Kenneth


France 2.6 7.9 9.12 16.14 (110)

Indonesia 0.0 0.2 0.3 0.4 (4)


France: Tiefenbach 5, Patacq 4, Tapia 2, L’Hotellier 2, Picard, Dandaleix, Rosado

Indonesia: –


France: Picard, Dandaleix, Tiefenbach, Coste, Patacq, L’Hotellier

Indonesia: Santtoso, Wood, Ibadurrohman, Halim, Suputro, Daichi


Canada 5.2 12.3 17.4 20.10 (130)

Sweden 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (0)


Canada: Casey 5, Nash 5, Strom 4, Kozlowski 3, Lund 2, Millar

Sweden: –


Canada: Strom, Nash, Casey, Duggan, Armstrong, Millar

Sweden: Svensson, Martensson, Sund, Olsson, Koinberg, Tellstrom


Fiji 0.4 2.6 5.7 7.7 (49)

Great Britain 1.0 3.3 4.4 4.9 (33)


Fiji: Koroi 2, Valetiri, Valesu, Natadra, Pauli, Ratu

Great Britain: Willatt 4


Fiji: Valetiri, Nauuss, Valesu, Vatutei, Changkit, Vunitabua

Great Britain: Willatt, Walton, Aburto, Talbot, Worthington, Matias


China 0.0 0.1 2.5 3.8 (26)

Finland 0.0 1.0 2.0 3.4 (22)


China: Peng Gao, Chen Shaoliang, Pi Jiaming

Finland: Lampi 2, Lofbacka


China: Chen Shaoliang. Deng Mingjie,Zefan Zhang, Chen Zhushen, Liu Kunsong, Yu Enda

Finland: Lampi, Puntila, Lofbacka, Karlsson, Nurmikoski, Muhonen


Round 4

With the results in from round 4 it looks like the Irish Banshees will be in the Grand final on Saturday the 23rd of August. The mens matches will also see two semi finals played out between Ireland and South Africa and New Zealand and PNG.


Ireland: 5.3 9.6 11.9 11.12 (82)

Canada Midnight Suns 1.0 2.0 2.0 2.1 (13)

Goal kickers

Ireland:  Behan 3, Loughlin 2, Corrigan 2, Hazley 2, Mahony, Brogan

Canada Midnight Suns: Dall Rosa 2

Bets players

Ireland: Behan, Keatley, Corrigan, McKay, Rafferty, Hazley

Canada Midnight Suns: Tateson, McCabe, De Silva, Dall Rosa, Tong, Legault


Mens Tuesday 19th August:  

With the results in from round 4 it looks like the Irish Banshees will be in the Grand final on Saturday the 23rd of August. The mens matches will also see two semi finals played out between Ireland and South Africa and New Zealand and PNG.

Sweden v Indonesia 11:30am

Ireland v South Africa 1:30pm

Nauru v Great Britain 1:30pm

Canada v France 3:30pm

India v Finland 3:30pm


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Results from Day 2 of the IC14

Day two of the IC14 saw the European teams battling it out again against some tough opponents. A mixed bag of results and some very memorable matches played.
Ireland Banshees vs Tonga
Right from the outset Ireland looked determined to carry out the coaches instructions to be hard at the football and Tonga had the same ideas. It was tough and uncompromising for the whole 4 quarters and both teams are sure to be nursing some bruises tonight.
Ireland dominated for periods locking the ball in the forward 50 without really doing the damage on the scoreboard. The banshees roll on to tougher games from this point and a couple of injuries may impact the ambitions of the team. They are clearly improving and are being closely watched by the USA and Canada who will be their major competition.

Ireland: 3.1 5.6 7.8 9.9 (63)

Tonga: 1.0 1.1 1.1 1.2 (8)


Ireland: Corrigan 3, Hazley 2, Brogan, McGahon, Mahony

Tonga: Folauhola.I.V.Timani

Best players

Ireland: Hazley, Mahony, McCann, Keatley, Cassidy, Kelly, Dempsey

Tonga: Folauhola.I.V.Timani, Finau, Faka’ilota’u, Ongolea, Motuliki, Afuha’amango

The big bodied Nauru looked the more likely to kick away in the first quarter but defensive efforts from Will Worthington for GB kept the margin at a respectable 5 points heading into the quarter time break. Nauru had a player sent off right on 1/4 time and played with 17 players from that point.
The electrifying pace of Dagiaro Pilo for Nauru caused a lot of headaches for GB in the second quarter but it didn’t stop them from getting a goal back and going into half time trailing by only two points.
With a 17 point lead midway through the third quarter things started to look grim for GB. Two late goals to Harmeston and McGeever brought GB within four points and lifted the whole group. It looked GBs to lose.
Nauru shot out of the blocks in the final quarter with two quick goals to Opponheimer Kenneth in the first few minutes. Tempers ran high and a fight broke out in the Nauru forward line and some undisciplined acts by GB players gifted Nauru a third goal and the final nail in the coffin.
The scoreboard did not reflect the hard fought contest at the end of the match with GB eventually going down by twenty-one points. Anthony Trigg was instrumental in the ruck and Luke Matias didn’t stop running and tackling all day. This will be a disappointing result to the bulldogs who had hoped to improve greatly on their 7th place from 2011.

Nauru: 1.2 1.6 3.9 6.14 (50)

Great Britain: 0.3 1.4 3.5 4.5 (29)


Nauru: Kenneth 2, German, Charles, Tipung, Pilo

Great Britain: Willatt, Harmeston, McGeever, Maguire

Best players

Nauru: Tiana, Malinson, Jonas, Donatello, Dave, German

Great Britain: Ballard, Aburto, Worthington, Matias, Walton, Maguire

The reigning champions and one of the favourites to take home the International Cup rolled out like a freight train in their match against the 2013 Euro Cup runners up, France.
Within the first ten minutes they had piled on five goals to France’s none and the game looked likely to blow out for there. The French midfield held strong lead by L’Hotellier and they went into quarter time six goals down.
The French picked up their game in the second quarter and had several opportunities to get on the scoreboard but were unable to convert. The Irish defence maintained control and sent it forward where their towering full forward, Padraig Lucey and utility Mick Finn, dominated and slotted a few goals to keep the French at bay.
The third quarter saw a French charge which the scoreboard didn’t reflect. They registered only two behinds despite the ball spending a lot of time in their forward line. French captain, Grégoire Patacq kept France in the competition but the game was all but lost by this point.
The final quarter was completely controlled and dominated by the Irish as they piled on another five goals to win by over one hundred points. The Irish are starting to hit their stride as the pointy end if the competition approaches.

Ireland: 6.2 10.5 12.7 17.9 (111)

France: 0.0 0.0 0.2 0.2 (2)


Ireland: Lucey 6, Finn 3, O’Regan 2, P. O’Halloran, McSorley, McCloskey, C. O’Halloran, Browne, Skelly


Ireland: P.O’Halloran, Skelly, Finn, Stynes, Browne, Lucey

France: Canonici, Gazeau, David, Denerf, L’Hotellier, Gil

Sweden vs Finland
Traditional rivals went head to head with talk that the loser may not return home. Emotions ran high early and Sweden seemed to control their efforts at the football and reaped the benefits with a first half to remember. The run and spread of the swedes really troubled the Finns.
The third quarter was a highlight of the Finns campaign so far when they halved the period with the swedes at 2 goals each. They celebrated the goals in style.
Sweden proved too strong for the majority of the day and sung the song with gusto in front of their traveling fans.

Sweden:  4.5 8.8 10.10 13.13 (91)

Finland: 0.0 0.1 2.1 2.2 (14)


Sweden: Brenmo 4, Lindgren 2, Martensson 2, Sund, Kvarnstrom, Skarlen, Gogu, Svensson

Finland: Kalliojarvi, Kupila


Sweden: Navarro, Svensson, Brenmo, Magnusson, Martensson, Tellstron

Finland: Karlsson, Nurmikoski, Kupila, Puntilla, Lampi, Heiskanen



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IC14 Update- The Official Launch is here!

The European representatives France, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden and Ireland (men’s and women’s) have now arrived in Australia.

The IC14 starts with a bang on Saturday the 9th of August with the Official IC14 Launch, Parade of Nations and AFL Match. All teams will begin the march at Federation Square in Melbourne and make their way to the MCG to complete a lap of honour before the first bounce.

On Sunday all 6 European teams kick start their International Cup campaign.

GB, Ire time Fra, Swe time Fin time
Women’s Ireland v Fiji 9:30am McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville 0:30am 1:30am 2:30am
Men’s USA v Finland 9:30am Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville 0:30am 1:30am 2:30am
Men’s Ireland v Fiji 11:30am McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville 2:30am 3:30am 4:30am
Men’s NZ v Sweden 11:30am Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville 2:30am 3:30am 4:30am
Men’s GB v France 3:30pm McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville 6:30am 7:30am 8:30am

Make sure you tune into to catch all the action.

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IC14 live streaming link

In a first for the AFL International Cup, 25 matches will be streamed LIVE and also be available on demand, including both Grand Finals. These will be available world-wide at no charge on the AFLIC14 website here:

The following International Cup matches will be streamed live and on demand:

  • All matches on McAlister, Ransford and Western ovals on Sunday August 10 (Round 1 matches)
  • All matches on McAlister, Ransford and Western ovals on Friday August 22 (Finals Round)
  • Women’s Grand Final at Punt Road Oval on Saturday August 22nd
  • Men’s Grand Final at MCG on Saturday August 22nd
  • USA Liberty v Canada Midnight Suns on Wednesday 20th August (Liberty have a BYE in round 1, this will ensure that they get at least 1 match filmed and streamed).
Match Time Venue
Sunday, August 10
Women’s Ireland v Fiji 9:30am McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s Ireland v Fiji 11:30am McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s Nauru v Indo 1:30pm McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s GB v France 3:30pm McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s Tonga v India 9:30am Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’s Tonga v Canada M Suns 11:30am Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s SA v Pakistan 1:30pm Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s PNG v Japan 3:30pm Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s USA v Finland 9:30am Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s NZ v Sweden 11:30am Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’s Canada N Lights v USA Freedom 1:30pm Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s Canada v China 3:30pm Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Wednesday, August 20
Women’s Canada M Suns v USA Liberty 12:00pm Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Friday, August 22
Men’s 13 v 14 (Div 2 Playoff) 9:00am Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’s 3 v 4 11:00am Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 3 v 4 (3rd place Playoff) 1:00pm Ransford Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Women’s 5 v 6 9:00am McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 7 v 8 11:00am McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 5 v 6 (Div 1  Playoff) 1:00pm McAlister Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 15 v16 9:00am Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 9 v10 11:00am Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 11 v 12 1:00pm Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Men’s 17 v 18 3:00pm Western Oval, Royal Park, Parkville
Saturday, August 23 (Grand Finals)
Women’s Women’s IC14 Grand Final 2:10pm Richmond FC – Punt Road Oval
Men’s Men’s IC14 Grand Final 4:50pm MCG

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Bartel jumps on board the Elks and AFL Sweden

Jimmy Bartel has recently agreed to become AFL Sweden’s Ambassador which will also extend to supporting the Swedish Elks on their quest for success at IC14 in Australia this August. Bartel has a long affinity with the game in Scandinavia having made a number of trips there in the past. Many Swedes support the Geelong Cats due to these previous visits and the ambassador role further highlights Bartel’s willingness to support the growth of the game internationally. His record in AFL is exceptional having won three premierships and a brown low medal so far.
“I am really excited to support the Swedish Elks and hope they have success in IC14 but more importantly enjoy the game of AFL so they can encourage more of their friends back home to get involved in the game in the future.” Bartel said recently.
Jorg Pareigis, AFL Sweden President said “AFL Sweden are so excited to form this relationship with a true star of the game. Jimmy has long supported our efforts here in Sweden and we can’t wait to hopefully meet him again in Melbourne. If our young players can use him as a role model then the future of our sport in Sweden is bright”.
“To have Jimmy as an Ambassador for the Elks is outstanding. We met previously on one of his trips to Sweden and his enthusiasm for what we are trying to do here for the sport impressed us all. People still talk about the experience of talking footy with a legend of the game” National Coach Dan McClaer added.
The Swedish Elks are participating in the International Cup 2014 from the 9th – 23rd August and are aiming to achieve their best result.

Goodes throws full support behind AFL England and the touring GB Bulldogs

Adam Goodes has recently agreed to become AFL England’s Ambassador which will also extend to supporting the GB Bulldogs on their quest for success at IC14 in Australia this August. Goodes has long been interested in the growth of the game internationally including twice representing Australia in the International Rules Series. He has the huge honour of being Australian of the year in 2014 along with searching for his third premiership with the Sydney Swans.
“I am really happy to help grow the game internationally and support the AFL England guys at the IC14 in August. I look forward to watching them perform and supporting the Bulldogs and all the other Nations participating.” Goodes stated recently. 
Adam Bennett, AFL England President said “We are thrilled that someone of Adam’s standing in the game of AFL and the Australian community is prepared to get behind our efforts to grow the game in England and the Bulldogs ambitions in Australia. Adam represents everything that attracts British players to the sport (Athletic, Fair, Mateship) and we look forward to developing the relationship with him”.
“To have Adam on board as an ambassador will give the players a massive boost. For them to know that an AFL superstar is supporting them and watching with interest is a real coup” National Coach Mark Pitura added.
The GB Bulldogs are participating in the International Cup 2014 from the 9th – 23rd August and are aiming to achieve their best result.

AFL Europe announces groundbreaking partnership with Royal Brunei Airlines

In what is the organisations biggest ever sponsorship deal we are very proud to announce a 12 month partnership with Royal Brunei Airlines (RB).  The agreement sees RB become the official airline partner of AFL Europe. It is the airline’s first major sports sponsorship and one that underscores its expanding commitment to the European and Australian markets.

RB will fly many of our European players competing in the upcoming IC14 between London and Melbourne and will collaborate with AFL Europe on a broad range of integrated marketing opportunities spanning live matches, media, online platforms, content and hospitality.

Ben MacCormack, CEO of AFL Europe, said “The AFL is an institution in Australia, especially in the state of Victoria and its capital Melbourne. Growing rapidly in Europe from its London office, Australian Football connects ex-pats with a favourite pastime, as well as attracting new interest and talent from across the continent.

“We are very excited to be working with Royal Brunei in helping us provide flights for our players. Their daily Dreamliner 787 service from London Heathrow to Melbourne offers both a convenient route for the players and supporters, as well as great value flights and exceptional service.”

Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines, commented “As a boutique airline, our partnership with AFL Europe is both an excellent fit for us in supporting a growing sport as well as a fantastic opportunity for RB to build its international network. As a fan of Gaelic football myself, I am keen to see the relationship between RB and AFL Europe develop, with RB being best placed to nurture the connection between the two countries.”

With many players funding their own way to participate in major international competitions such as the International Cup, as well as local and national games and partnership with RB is seen as a forward step in helping players reduce costs of participation. AFL Europe is committed to identifying and nurturing the passion and talent from across Europe for Australian Football, along with running first-class events for its membership.

As the home of AFL, Melbourne is the global centre for the sport. RB operates daily flights from London Heathrow to Melbourne Tullamarine on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner service. As the only airline offering a guaranteed Dreamliner service on all long-haul flights and the only Dreamliner flying in South East Asia, RB provides a truly personal and award-winning service between Europe and Melbourne, enabling supporters and players to enjoy the sport in complete comfort, no matter where they play.

To celebrate the partnership, Royal Brunei is launching a special fare of GBP 610 Economy Class return flights from LHR-MEL, available for purchase between 25 July – 01 August 2014 and to fly 18 August – 17 October 2014 and 03 November – 11 December 2014. Business Class flights are available from GBP 2,470, to fly between 18 August 2014 – 17 October 2014 and 3 November – 11 December.

Keep an eye out for many more announcements regarding this partnership in the coming months.

Royal Brunei Announcement

AFL Announces Live Streaming

In a first for the AFL International Cup we are pleased to advise that we will be streaming matches LIVE!  The following matches will be streamed live and will also be available on demand to watch at later date (details on how to view to follow).

  • All matches on McAlister, Ransford and Western ovals on Sunday August 10 (Round 1 matches)
  • All matches on McAlister, Ransford and Western ovals on Friday August 22 (Finals Round)
  • Women’s Grand Final at Punt Road Oval on Saturday August 22nd
  • Men’s Grand Final at MCG onSaturday August 22nd
  • USA Liberty v Canada Midnight Suns on Wednesday 20th August (Liberty have a BYE in round 1, this will ensure that they get at least    1 match filmed and streamed)

Sunday August 10th Streamed Matches (all times in Australian Eastern Standard Time):

McAlister Oval
9:30am – Ireland v Fiji [womens]
11:30am – Ireland v Fiji [mens]

1:30pm – Nauru v Indo [mens]

3:30pm – GB v France [mens]


Ransford Oval

9:30am – Tonga v India [mens]

11:30am – Tonga v Canda M suns [womens]

1:30pm – SA v Pakistan [mens]

3:30pm – PNG v Japan [mens]


Western Oval

9:30pm – USA v Finland [mens]

11:30am – NZ v Sweden [mens]

1:30pm – Canada N lights v USA Freedom [womens]

3:30pm – Canada v China [mens]


Wednesday August 20th Streamed Matches: 

12:00pm – USA Liberty v Canada Midnight Suns [womens]


Friday August 22nd Streamed Matches:

Ransford Oval

9:00am – 13 v 14 (div 2 playoff) [mens]

11:00am – 3 v 4 [womens]

1:00pm – 3 v 4 (3rd place Playoff) [ mens]


McAlister Oval

9:00am – 5 v 6 [womens]

11:00am – 7 v 8 [mens]

1:00pm – 5 v 6 (Div 1 Playoff) [mens]


Western Oval [mens]

9:00am – 15 v 16

11:00am – 9 v 10

1:00pm – 11 v 12

3:00pm – 17 v 18